Inside the Conversation: Last Week in Global Radical Change

What are the forces at work for social change and what will they bring? Mike Kasdan presents a summary of last week’s Premium Member phone discussion.

America Weakens Fourth Amendment but Affirms Second

By conceding on the Fourth Amendment but remaining stubborn on the Second, the government is suggesting that constitutional rights are separate but unequal.

Comment of the Day: ‘The people blocking gun control laws are obsessive about the issue’

Change requires a single-issue litmus test.

Polarization Nation: Irrational Fighting About Gun Control on Facebook, A One-Sided Imagined Dialogue

Michael Kasdan has reached a boiling point and can’t take it anymore. Here is how he blew off some steam. (Alt. Title: Every anti-gun control argument you hear every day on Facebook)

Gun Control: What SHOULD We Do?

Gun violence is a human rights issue, a legal issue, a health issue, a taxation issue, and, above all, a conscience issue.

Orlando: The Last Mass Terror Attack? Don’t Bet On It

As many men and women struggle to deal with what happened on Sunday morning, our collective responses—not reactions—deserve closer examination.

‘Hey Buddy, I Think You’ve Had Enough…’ America’s Last Call

Alex Yarde argues that if America was a bar patron and guns were alcohol—we’d have been cut off a LONG time ago.

When Can Getting a Vasectomy Make a Man a Hero?

Yes, 19 people can cause terrible suffering, but a million men working together, aggregating their individual acts of kindness into a global movement for social good, is infinitely more powerful.

The Question America Doesn’t Ask Itself After Tragedies Like Orlando

What’s our message?: After the Orlando shooting, America must define and distribute widely its message in order to combat self-radicalization.

Let Your Love Shine, And Your Goodness Show

The most powerful rebuttal to violence and hatred is love. So let yours shine.

Compassion Isn’t Political or Complicated—it’s Just Love That We Can Share

The smallest act of compassion can inspire the greatest movement of healing.

A Memorial Tribute to My Brothers and Sisters in Orlando

I never met the good people who were shot in the Pulse Club in Orlando, but I feel I know them somehow. Their injuries and their passing hit me like the death of old trusted friends whose loss to me is palpable.

Call for Submissions: The Intersectionality of Violence at the Heart of Today’s Tragedy

The aftermath of the shooting at a gay club in Orlando is reverberating across the issues of hate crimes, LGBT rights, politics, gun control, how we define terrorism, how we talk about these issues and what actions we take. Please join us—few things are more important than this.

Rural vs. Urban: Finding Common Ground in the Gun Control Debate

Trying to see both sides of the debate is necessary for our country to move forward.

A Perfectly Sensible Political Rant

Editor Matthew Rozsa’s friend reveals some inconvenient truths about the upcoming election.

Have You Lost Your Ability to Think Because of the Media?

Many of us have become observers of the world around us, seldom thinking of the consequences of our in-actions.