Unlabeled – The Most Dangerous Product on the American Market

The makers of the MOST dangerous product are protected from legal liability like no other manufacturer.

Four Solid Truths About Preventing School Shootings—and What We Can Do

Want to know the truth about preventing mass shootings in schools?

Santa Claus Shot and Killed in Home Invasion

Let’s be honest. Santa risks his life every year by delivering presents to the war zone that is the homes of gun owning Americans.

When Can We Talk About Guns?

Michael Carley asks if there’s ever going to be a good time to talk about gun control, because there seem to be more distractions and excuses than conversations.


Who is the boy inside the man holding the gun?

God, Guns, & Capitalism: A Recipe of Insanity

When is enough, enough?!

“Gun control advocates to only restrict political opponents guns?”

Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Culture Does

Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Culture Does.

Are we really free as a society when our right “to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”? When Is Enough, Enough?!

Iowa Gun Law Places Us All in the Crosshairs

Blind in Iowa? Well, here’s a gun permit.

A Liberal and a Gun Nut Walk Into a Blog

The debate over gun control and 2nd Amendment rights is stuck in an us vs them mentality

Jon Hotchkiss Does Actual Research On Guns

On a topic dominated by myths, one journalist set out in search of definite facts.

The Tyranny of Rights

In an age of nuclear weapons and mass shootings, does it still make sense to uphold an American’s constitutional right to bear arms?

The Insanity of Our Gun Culture

The word “insanity” gets thrown around during tragedies, but Professor Warren Blumenfeld (and many others) believe it goes far beyond the individual.

Jordan Davis Shot Dead in Florida

Another unarmed black teenager has been gunned down in Florida. Will this play out the same way the Trayvon Martin killing did?

Why I Purchased My First Hand Gun

One man from an anti-gun culture comes to embrace firearms and the responsibility and freedom they embody.

Brad Pitt and Me: Armed Liberals

Can you ban guns like lead paint, or is it a useless fight, like Prohibition and the War on Drugs? Noah Brand, liberal gun owner, on why he loves and owns guns.