The Solution to Our Gun Problem is Authentic Social Connection

As we isolate ourselves from each other, we encourage a culture of fear. Does that feed America’s gun problem?

A Dad Mourns the Loss of Reason in America’s Gun Culture

Matt Sweetwood won a landmark Supreme Court case regarding gun rights. He recently wrote a 6-point plan to curtail gun violence. Much to his frustration, he found that neither side on the issue wanted to listen. He tries again.

A Gay Dad Versus the Homophobic Loud-Mouth Dad, and One of Them Has a Gun

Joshua Feuerstein is a cocky, gun loving video pastor. Rob Watson is a gay dad who takes on homophobes. Here’s what happened when they collided.

“Guns themselves are not the issue, taking lives is.”

This comment by Mike Welch on the post The Handgun Rules

A Man Was Shot In The Chest And You Can Guess Exactly What Happened Next

Killing a man in the United States is faster and easier than ordering fast food at a drive-thru.

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape: This Week’s Appalling Gun Rights Hashtag

Welcome to yet another innovative rape-themed outreach to women voters.

Liberty and Death: What a Man Can Do With a Gun

Second amendment rights come with limits, including discipline and regulation.