What Can We Do About Race, Police, Profiling, and Power?

The tough conversation about race and police brutality is one we have to have.

Obama Doing What he can, Congress Must Run with Baton

“Maybe we could try to stop one act of evil, one act of violence.”

In the Sea of Red Flags

The increasing number of shootings across America has prompted celebrities to put their notoriety aside. NBA stars, including Steph Curry, sum up the picture in this PSA.

Gun Violence as Gendered Violence

In many ways, the responses to the gun control debate are a flash back to a high school mentality. Where if you aren’t a “masculine” (gun-loving) man, you aren’t a man at all.

If You Give a Man a Gun: The Evolutionary Psychology of Mass Shootings

A look at why young men are almost always behind mass shootings.

Humanity in Review – 2015

2015 as a collective whole, was one of the most important years in the history of our species.

Six Things Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

Let’s set the fear aside and have an honest discussion about the facts.

Dirty, Sexy, Crazy Gun Culture

We, the American People, have a lot to say about the epidemic of gun violence in this country. Here, a round-up of the best from the Good Men Project, and the world wide web.

Sing Along: Let’s Go Buy a Gun!

Children who play their games/ Maiming, killing all the same /But let’s all go buy a gun.

My Life With Guns

John Kinear has grown up with guns. He has a question for you in light of all the recent gun violence. He hopes you have an answer for him.

A New Kind of Killer

Why the San Bernardino shootings reveal a new kind of killer and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.

Uber Cab Confessions: A Five Minute Ride

Offering a sigh where a scream would be more appropriate..

A Dad Seeks Out a Teachable Moment on Gun Violence for His Teen Daughter

Rick Sanchez exposes world events to his kids and digs for the concept to learn from them. On the events in San Bernardino, his pragmatic nature kicked in. The lesson? Don’t fear. Here are his thoughts.

How Politics as Usual, Enables the Mass Killings

Matt Sweetwood won a major gun rights case in front of the US Supreme Court. He continues to fight for a sensible solution to gun violence, a solution that neither extremes on the issue want to embrace. Here are his thoughts about this week’s events.

Hey NRA, Changing Debate on Gun Control Requires Historical Perspective

When their argument doesn’t make sense, show them why.