Patriarchy, Toxic Hyper-Masculinity, & Firearms

Why are some men letting fear stop them from engaging in an honest conversation about the reality of guns in America?

A Gun Owner Dismantles His Gun, Puts the Pieces in a Vice, Cuts them in Half. Here’s Why.

I am a responsible gun owner. I bought my first gun when I was 12.

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Jessica Lahitou offers some suggestions on how to put a stop to the incessant gun violence in America.

Kudos to ‘People’ for Stepping Up and Taking a Stand

Carl Bosch has something to say to people who support their freedom to bear arms. As well as the media organizations like ‘People’ who are standing up against gun violence.

We Cannot Arm Our Way to Less Violence

David Perry doesn’t believe all guns should be banned, but he wonders how we can get out of this mess we’ve made.

How to Reduce Mass Shootings: Teach Young Men Philosophy

Jessicah Lahitou looks back on stats on gun ownership and gun violence and wonders if what we need is a new approach to tackle the violence.

Is Tragic News Preventing Our Kids from Learning Compassion?

DiaryDad searches for compassion and love and finds it in abundance in his 8 year old son.

Tick Tock Goes the Time Bomb

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

When Can We Talk About Guns?

Michael Carley asks if there’s ever going to be a good time to talk about gun control, because there seem to be more distractions and excuses than conversations.

From Bullets to Tears – How to Help our Boys and Men Reclaim their Emotions and End their Suffering

Our uncomfortable feelings are what we want to conquer in our internal struggle for recognition, so we turn them outward onto the mass collective.

A Dad Mourns the Loss of Reason in America’s Gun Culture

Matt Sweetwood won a landmark Supreme Court case regarding gun rights. He recently wrote a 6-point plan to curtail gun violence. Much to his frustration, he found that neither side on the issue wanted to listen. He tries again.

Gratitude for Good Police Work

Quentin Lucas wants to thank the police.

My Kid Loves Guns, and I Don’t

“The older I get, the more, I find myself faced with the task of trying to understand the terrible things that people do with guns.”

DiaryDad tries to find balance with his son’s love of guns.

Presidential Candidates on Virginia Shooting and What To Do Next

Training more people nationwide to recognize the signs of mental illness is important and could prevent future tragedies.