A Man Was Shot In The Chest And You Can Guess Exactly What Happened Next


Killing a man in the United States is faster and easier than ordering fast food at a drive-thru.

At Least 26 Children or Teens Died in Florida Stand Your Ground Cases


Trayvon Martin, who would have turned 19 on Wednesday, is one of the 26 young people killed.

There Has Been an Average of One School Shooting Every Other School Day So Far This Year

school shooting-AP-Matt Rourke

Last year was supposed to be a year of action to curb gun violence in our schools. But three weeks into the new year, statistics suggest that the problem could actually be worsening.

When Your Son Kills My Son

When Your Son Kills My Son

Aleasa Word shares how gun violence is a problem for all of us, regardless of race.

Philadelphia: First US City To Ban 3D Guns

The measure passed unanimously by 10-member council and comes as a federal law banning firearms that can go unnoticed by a metal detector is set to expire early next month.

White Men Appear Immune to Stop and Frisk, Not Mass Murders


Despite mass murders committed by suburban white men, it seems to be only inner-city black and brown youth that are the victims of Stop and Frisk.

Iowa Gun Law Places Us All in the Crosshairs


Blind in Iowa? Well, here’s a gun permit.

13 Injured in Chicago Mass Shooting

chicago mass shooting

The week both began and ended with mass shootings. One in DC and now one in Chicago.

NEW STUDY: The Financial Cost of Gun Violence


Emergency room and inpatient procedures related to firearm injuries cost $629 million in 2010 alone.

When Gun Violence Hits Home

image by ssoosay

Lorenzo Doss was shot with a gun years ago. Was the same thing about to happen to his son?

I Lost My Only Son To Gun Violence


Radha Stern bravely shares the experience of losing a child, and offers hope and strength in moving forward.

Fruitvale Station: Four Ways It Reinforced What I Know to Be True


Tim Brown looks at Fruitvale Station through the lens of “That could’ve been me.”

The Little Gold Colt: There Are No Accidental Shootings

photo by intellax on flickr

Thomas Pluck on fear, firearms and the struggle for Manhood.

Can You Unintentionally Commit Child Abuse?

nathan daniels, child abuse, reflection, molestation

After a tumultuous childhood filled with abuse and neglect, Nathan C. Daniels reflects on how some of the pain he experienced may not have been inflicted intentionally.

Carrying Guns on Pennsylvania Campuses May be OK

gun, guns, firearms, concealed-carry, concealed carry, pennsylvania, kutztown, gun policy, guns on campus, schools and guns, virginia tech

Though many schools have umbrella policies to ban all weapons, some universities are allowing firearms to avoid possible lawsuits.

Free Guns for Everyone: Printable Plastic Firearms

cody wilson, 3d printing, 3d printable gun, first plastic gun, plastic gun, steve israel, defense distributed, defcad.org, free gun design, gun design, printable gun, printable weapon, printable firearm, nra, gun violence, gun laws, right to bear arms, suicide, homicide, teenagers, constitutional rights, constitution

Less than a week remains before Cody Wilson releases the files that will allow people to literally print their own guns at home.