A Gun Owner Speaks From The Heart About Successful Gun Control

Keith Lesmeister grew up around guns, believes in the 2nd Amendment, and believes we need more laws controlling them. — The shooting range outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a long narrow strip that’s been bulldozed flat and surrounded by high dirt walls and a dirt backdrop, and beyond that a dense forest. Yardage markers […]

I Could Have Been an Active Shooter

Fortunately, I never brought a gun to school.

Gun Control Debate: A View from Hoplophiliaville

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld on the psychology of guns and what they mean to the discussion between genders.

How a Culture of Violence is Damaging Our Country Today

A catastrophic act of violence in her family led Vicky Cox to examine the personal and cultural influences that might precipitate such an event, as well as the forces that may create change.

What I Learned About Myself The Day I Wanted To Kill My Father

He planned on killing his father. Instead he found his humanity.

Shoot First, Progress As A Race Later

This is America. Land of the Free. Home of the Brave. And if you want our guns, you’ll have to come and take them.

Fire Your Guns

Quentin Lucas has a thought about guns in America.

What Can You Do to Stop the Shootings?

How to spot signs of premeditation and what to do as a bystander when you suspect violent intentions?

Gratitude for Good Police Work

Quentin Lucas wants to thank the police.

What Porn Magazines at Boy’s Eye Level Says About Today’s Men

Author Jay Cradeur shares why our culture still breeds female objectification and mysogyny. Look in the mirror.

Guns Are Devices to Kill

Jim Mitchem grew up around guns, was a marksman in the Air Force, and he has learned one simple truth about guns.

The Dad Who Won Landmark Supreme Court Gun Case Proposes 6-Step Solution to End Gun Violence

Matt Sweetwood won a landmark victory for gun ownership rights from the New Jersey Supreme Court. So he’s against gun restrictions, right? Wrong. Here is his six point plan to help reduce gun violence.

How Will I Know When I Am in a Body?

Nora Meiners writes as the white mother of a biracial son, reflecting on black male bodies and the perils that attend them.