Preventing the Next Orlando Massacre: A Modest, Radical Proposal

If we’re going to prevent violence we need to recognize that the origins of violence begin in childhood abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Recovery, Brexit and Finding Yourself

Recovery is not about how much you know, it is about finding yourself again.

Two Violent Men, Two Symptoms of the Same Sickness

America woke up this weekend to the news of the deadliest civilian mass shooting in the nation’s history. The senseless tragedy will undoubtedly evoke anger, sadness and helplessness.

Polarization Nation: Irrational Fighting About Gun Control on Facebook, A One-Sided Imagined Dialogue

Michael Kasdan has reached a boiling point and can’t take it anymore. Here is how he blew off some steam. (Alt. Title: Every anti-gun control argument you hear every day on Facebook)

7 Gifts This Dad Would Rather Get Than Guns (You Know, for Father’s Day and Such)

What’s better than a gun, tank, or bomb? The answer: pens, homes, and playground equipment.

‘Hey Buddy, I Think You’ve Had Enough…’ America’s Last Call

Alex Yarde argues that if America was a bar patron and guns were alcohol—we’d have been cut off a LONG time ago.

After [Place of This Week’s Mass Shooting]

Ken Feinleib expresses the exhaustion and frustration that we collectively feel in the wake of yet another mass shooting but exhorts us to rise up and continue to try and move forward.

Boys, Men, and Why I’ll Never Own a Gun

An honest look at depression, guns and the what scares me the most.

Unlabeled – The Most Dangerous Product on the American Market

The makers of the MOST dangerous product are protected from legal liability like no other manufacturer.

Four Solid Truths About Preventing School Shootings—and What We Can Do

Want to know the truth about preventing mass shootings in schools?

Where We Live is Where You Live

If it’s true that “this land is your land,” we must not be too different from each other.

God, Guns, and Guts: The Downfall of Modern Man

Some of us use gods, guns and guts while the rest of us use our purchasing power to consume what’s left.

Mental Illness is a Gun Violence Scapegoat

In the Gun Violence vs. Mental Illness debate, the facts are all that matter.

What It Really Means to ‘Man Up’

There’s more to being a man than football, guns, and hot rods.

The Critical Importance of Gun Safety

A man learns about gun safety from his girlfriend, who introduced him to guns.

Comment of the Day: ‘Suicide opens a door that nobody really wants to step through.’

We, as a society, have to be able to talk about suicide and the stigma that surrounds it.