Guyland: The Time Between Boyhood and Manhood

Raoul Wieland didn’t expect to be so moved or challenged by Michael Kimmel’s book about the process of how boys become men in our society.

Navigating the New Stage of Male Development

Your challenge is not to avoid this stage (because it’s here to stay) but to navigate it consciously and ethically.

Why Angry White Men is Worth Your Time

Michael Kimmel thinks that the justifiable decline of hegemonic masculinity is driving the issues and anxieties of America’s angry white men—and he might just be right.

Stony Brook University Creating Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities

The John D. and Catherin T. MacArthur Foundation is funding a new Center for the Study and Men and Masculinities to be led by Michael Kimmel, PhD.

Going Through Guyhood

Meet Kevin Carty, the new editor of “Guyhood” – about the lives of young men in the world.

A Modern Day Hero’s Journey Is What Today’s Boy Needs to Become a Man

The entire reason we have such a thing as a quarter life crisis, and later a mid-life crisis, is because boys and young men lack meaningful rite-of-passage experiences.

The Single Biggest Obstacle Facing Boys and Men Today

When men let someone else define manhood for them, instead of using their own intelligence and being the true author of their own life, they end up buying the culture’s narrow version of masculinity without question.

Don’t Be a ‘Guy’

Michael Doran is happy he took such a tough and winding path toward realizing that he didn’t need to prove his manliness.

Guyland Author Michael Kimmel on ‘Dads Unplugged’

Michael Kimmel expounds on the idea that men must now rethink their ideas of masculinity to stay afloat.

The Valley of the Guys

They’re not boys anymore, but they certainly aren’t men. Welcome to Guyland.