Work With Your Nerves, Not Against Them: How To Get A Girl’s Number Without Asking


A young comedian struggled with the 20th century custom of asking women for their phone numbers. Here’s his 21st century solution.

Why I Miss My Hair


Simms Jr. likes being bald. But, he sometimes misses his hair. Here’s why.

The 4 Actual Reasons Women Aren’t Answering Your Texts


Fellas. Texting etiquette is a real thing. If a woman isn’t texting you back, here’s why.

Guyhood Relaunch & Call for Submissions

guyhood, guys, college, transition, identity, workforce, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four

“Take note 18-24 year olds, the Guyhood section has returned. Help The Good Men Project define your experience.”

Bringing Your Girlfriend Home: Tips for a Smooth Introduction


Fellas. You’re in love. She’s the One. Now, it’s time to take your lady to meet your folks. Here are a few tips on how to introduce the light of your life to your parents.

The Most Important Guy Code. EVER.

guy code 2

Really dude? The bathroom’s empty, don’t stand next to me.

A Late-Night, Guy-Friendly Extravaganza, Only $6: Jacks Munchie Meals

Jack in the box

My first thought, when I heard about Jacks Munchie Meals was “So Much Stuff!” Apparently, I must not have been the first person to have that reaction.

The Purse. I’m Holding the Purse.

The Purse I'm Holding the Purse

JJ Vincent can’t figure out why—in this day and age of relaxed masculine norms — why does he have such trouble holding a woman’s purse for a moment?

Dear John: Seeing Baby’s Birth Kills His Sex Drive


A dad uncomfortable after birth, a “When Harry Met Sally” frustration, and guy who is only infatuated until the other person is.

Not Your Typical Beer Commercial: Is Guinness Made of Masculinity?


Watch this commercial. Tell us what you think. Is this the way men should be portrayed in the media?

I Don’t Follow Any Sports

Whats your team photo by DrabikPany

“What’s Your Team?” Most guys have an answer for this question. Pat Brothwell doesn’t.

Every Streak Must End

handcuffs photo by v1ctor casale

Rob Azevedo has watched more than one friend of his go off to prison and come back a better man.

You Can’t Have Too Many Dads…Or Moms: The Importance of Chosen Family

Chosen Family photo by gustty

JJ Vincent would like us to consider for a moment our “chosen” family — those who we chose to surround ourselves with but who act like family regardless of blood ties.

Lessons in Love and the Desires of Women


After a string of rejections, Andy Bodle searches through everything from books, to women’s magazines, to dating profiles to find out what women really want in a man.

Loosening up on Looks and Moving Beyond Status

young men, dating, confidence, status, looks

Do guys really choose a mate based on looks? Do females really go for high status? Kevin Carty examines how men are influenced by their peers, and how we should all loosen up a little on our dating standards.

“Use porn to learn where the important parts are and to enjoy watching, but not as a guide to normal bedroom conduct.”


These are comments by Dr. Adam Sheck, Damien, and FQuattrone on the post “5 Unrealistic Sex Moves Men Learn from Watching Porn”.