“Guns themselves are not the issue, taking lives is.”

This comment by Mike Welch on the post The Handgun Rules

I Lost My Only Son To Gun Violence

Radha Stern bravely shares the experience of losing a child, and offers hope and strength in moving forward.

Let’s Talk Seriously About Gun Control

I want gun control–I’m just not sure what that means.

Mass Shooting of Children in Connecticut

If you are triggered or traumatized by the news coming from Newton, Connecticut, please reach out for support. You can also contact Disaster Distress Network at 800.985.5990, or text TalkWithUs to 66746.

Why She Bought a Gun

After domestic violence ends in a murder-suicide on the police station steps, some women begin to protect themselves and their loved ones with deadly force.

“If they want to kill, they’ll find a way.”

This is a comment by Quadruple A and Mike Conway on the post “Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado – Tell Me Why We Don’t Need Gun Control Again?”

Open Thread: Should Certain Guns be Against the Law?

Does America’s “Gun Culture” damage men?

Men and Guns: An Affinity for Steel

Tom Matlack, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, and others weigh in on men, violence, and America’s gun culture.