Can a Commercial Make You More _____?

Chevrolet’s “focus group” is a truckin’ flatbed of societal male stereotypes.

Why I Miss My Hair

Simms Jr. likes being bald. But, he sometimes misses his hair. Here’s why.

The Sports Guy (And so much more)

Sometimes you meet a guy you just instantly like.

“Don’t worry: women will be attracted to your manliness if you exert the right attitude.”

This is a comment by Matt on the post “The Male Body: Repulsive or Beautiful?”

Guestpost #35: James Trek-e Smith – Ten things I’ve learned from writing music

James is my former boss, a world-renowned producer and DJ, a good friend, and the handsomest man I have ever met. I don’t say this lightly; he is retarded handsome.  I attribute any of my sense of style, physical fitness, and game with women in large part to Trek-e. He is also the owner of […]