5 Simple and Effective Ways to Reach Your Goals This Year


Even if your goals seem out of reach, stay motivated with these five strategies.  — We’ve already reached the middle of the year. Did you follow through with your New Year’s resolutions? Have you lost the weight you planned to? Have you been eating better like you promised yourself? Have you been hitting the gym or […]

Are You Still in Love With Her or the Idea of Being in Love?


During the honeymoon phase, all you think about is your love. Over time, life happens, and every guy has a decision to make.

A Dad, Devastated by Divorce, Shares the 10 Secrets to Making It Work


After becoming the proud dad to five kids, Matt Sweetwood was handed a horrific divorce. Rather than allowing it to defeat him, he found a way to not only survive, but to find peace and success as a father. Here is how he did it.

Why My Wife is My Best Friend


When his daughter had a brain tumor and he struggled to make sense of life, Joe Rodriguez found out who his true friends were.  — Growing up, I considered everyone that surrounded me to be my best friend. During the years, my list of friends diminished greatly. People I’ve known for 20 years were being […]

Stop Blaming Yourself


He spent six years battling depression because he blamed himself. — Am I a bad person?  After six years of depression, random weeks fending off its reemergence, only now have I identified the cause. Negative Self-talk.  My parents divorced when I was a teenager, and the events stay vivid in my mind at the age […]

4 Things to Consider When Introducing Your Kids to Your Date

dad intro

Dating when you have kids can be complicated. Patrick Sallee makes it easier with four simple rules.

Three Things That Keep My Marriage Together


They were engaged within three weeks of talking on the phone. Their marriage almost ended in the beginning, but this is how they made it through. — Sometimes in life, things unexpectedly work out. My wife and I have been Married 7 ½ years, and it was like most marriages in the beginning–it was tough. […]

How to Love Your Daughter Even More


Her husband wanted to connect with their daughter in a deeper way. Here’s what he did. — There was nothing like seeing the light shine in my daughter’s eyes when she got ready for her first official daddy/daughter date. It is amazing the significance that occurs when a daughter feels special in the eyes of her […]

One Silent Killer of Relationships, Careers, and Dreams


You could be dealing with something that affects guys most of their life that’s left untreated. — Your wedding day comes and the “I Do’s” are said. All you can think of is “and they lived happily ever after,” just like all the fairy tales you read as a little girl. Time passes, and everything […]

The Loss of Innocence


He was a sweet little boy who loved life until the unspeakable changed him. — Sorting through a stack of boxes in a rare attempt to organize my life, I stumble across a decades-old photograph stuck to the back of a college textbook. I haven’t seen this photo in years. The colors have faded with […]

Four Types of Relationships We Experience


There are different types of relationships that affect how we love and live life.  — There are going to be plenty of relationships in your life, no matter the seriousness of them. Recently, I spotted an article about divorced men, which in turn made me look at my boyfriend—who is also divorced. He is one […]

10 Things Every Solopreneur Should Do Before Quitting Your Day Job


You can run a business on your own. These tips will help. — Why 10 things? Because my brain told me so. Don’t make the same amatrepreneur mistakes I made. There are more than 10 things I’d add to the list, but I know the average attention span has shrunk to seven seconds… SQUIRREL! If […]

What My Ten-Year-Old-Son Taught Me About Being Imperfect


An offhand comment by her son taught her an incredible lesson about perfection and truly living life.  — Yesterday, my children and I were enjoying a lazy summer day, and my ten-year-old son told me–out of the blue,“ Mom… I actually never want to be perfect.” I stopped what I was doing and realized what […]

Marvel’s Fantastic Ant-Man Plot Based on Realistic Absent Father Dynamics


She went to enjoy a movie but walked away with a profound understand of what happens when fathers are absent. — Ant-Man was well acted and exceptionally produced. But this is not a movie review. Cassie was as thrilled to see her father as he was to see her. The plot and its rich character development included two absent […]

10 Qualities That Can Make Guys More Attractive


There are qualities guys have or can learn that make us irresistible.  — I was recently reading Iron John, A Book About Men by Robert Bly, which uses a Brothers Grimm tale to talk about stages of masculine development. The book talks about various stages of being a complete man as they relate to mythological […]

Focus on These Five Proven Nutritional Habits to Lose Fat


Here’s why too many guys are struggling to lose weight and live an amazing life. — Do this. Do that. Actually, do this instead. With health and fitness, we’re always chasing the next “it thing.” The “it thing” that quickens our fat loss while reducing our efforts needed. To sum it up, we’re always looking […]