How to Beat Advertising and Find Happiness Daily

happy balloon

Leo Babauta knows the reason advertising works is because many people are trying to fill a void, but he believes the tools for true happiness are not found in material possessions at all.

How a Smiley Face Chart Showed Me I Was Happy

smiley face chart by Rob Azevedo 2

Rob Azevedo started charting happiness level every day for a month. The results surprised him.

Make Her Laugh


“The best oral pleasure you will give or receive is making each other laugh after ten years.” -Luis

5 Ways People Die Before They’re Actually Dead


Shola Richards understands how people can die before they’re actually dead, and he wants to ensure it doesn’t happen to his two young daughters.

A Love Letter to Confident Women

love letter

Warren Talbot on all the ways he loves women.

If You’re Going To Compare Yourself To Others, Do It Like This


If you’re looking around now and seeing a world full of people who have it better than you, you may just be looking wrong.

Can a Mathematical Equation Really be the Formula for Happiness?


Happiness is a slippery fellow, but mathematicians think they’ve found the secret.

Get Over It: You Might Need a Therapist, Too


Mark Radcliffe insists that there may be a better, happier YOU that you could become.

Why Most Of Us Don’t Have The Balls To Be Happy

Happiness Photo by mishism

Tamara Star believes true happiness takes courage. Here’s why.

This Guy Crowdsurfing In A Wheelchair Is The Epitome Of Happiness (Photo)

2013 Outside Lands Music And Arts Festival - Lands End Stage - Day 2

Here’s a feel good story from The GMP. We dare you not to smile.

The Story of Dr. John Kitchin, aka Slomo


Matt Kohn found inspiration in the story of Slomo — a doctor who stopped being an asshole and now spends the majority of his time rollerblading along the Pacific.

You Don’t Need a Spreadsheet to Sum Up Rejection

You Don't Need a Spreadsheet by Renato Ganoza

No matter how you categorize it, rejection hurts and it’s deeply personal. But it can be handled with grace and aplomb.

My Ex-Girlfriend is a $%&*# – Moving From Blame to Gratitude


Bob Schwenkler on not allowing a break-up to break you apart.

It Is Time To Do Nothing for Better Health

It is time to do nothing khalid Albaih:Flickr

“Busy” is overrated. When is the time to “unbusy” yourself and just do nothing?

First Rule of War: Don’t Target Civilians, Especially Women & Children

war & peace

War is insanity and brings about pain, death and misery. Peace equals life, prosperity and happiness. What do you chose?

What Is Your Idea Of Happiness?


What are the things you think of? What are the songs you sing? What are your special symbols of happiness?