Prison Debate Team Beats Harvard

Jessicah Lahitou looks at the benefits to innovation for difficult-to-solve problems such as prison reform.

The Dark Side Of Diesel

In June 2012, The World Health Organisation (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared that diesel exhaust was a probable human carcinogen, based on sufficient evidence that personal exposure is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer.

Beyond the Miles: Unforeseen Costs of the Daily Commute

Brittni Brown examines the physical, mental and economic impact of driving to work.

How to Achieve Happiness Despite Everyday Challenges

Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage”, offers 6 strategies for choosing happiness despite life’s challenges.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Owns A Stupid Question About Race And Gender

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the obstacles that keep women and minorities out of science fields.

Dear John Harvard: A Plea to Stop the ‘Second Rape’ That Follows Campus Sexual Assaults

A student’s anonymous letter, ‘Dear Harvard: You Win,’ and a law lecturer’s stinging follow-up underscore why Harvard must fight fiercely for affirmative consent.

The Gospel According to Facebook: Evangelism in the 21st Century?

Can you “Like” your way into heaven?

A Stark Look At The Wealth Gap In America

Video compares what we think US wealth distribution is with the reality.

Rugby Faces the Same Challenges as Football

The 6 Nations Championship kicked off this month. Liam Day says it’s the perfect opportunity to look at the issue of sports-related brain injuries from a different perspective.

Open Thread: Does The Idea of Jesus Being Married Change Anything?

The recently discovered coptic writings referring to Jesus saying “my wife” – would a married Jesus change the way you see Christianity?

Man-to-Man with lawyer-turned author Clifford Garstang

Cameron Conaway sits down with Clifford Garstang to discuss life, law, inspiration, and now, writing.

Etan and Me: A Brotherhood of Pain

For abuse survivor Rob Brown, the recent confession in the 1979 case of Etan Patz elicits a strong sense of brotherhood between one man who was allowed to grow up, and the boy who was not.

Are Ivy League Colleges Misrepresenting How Diverse They Really Are?

“The trouble with diversity … is not just that it won’t solve the problem of economic inequality. It’s that it makes it hard for us to even see the problem.”

The Secret Court

The savage 1920 purge of suspected homosexuals from Harvard University