Sounding Off on ‘Purity’ Parents Who Want to Keep LGBT Information Out of Sex Education

Our schools’ sex education curriculums are, on the most part, woefully out of date. When the Omaha Public School System set out to do something about it, they were besieged by conservative interest groups in a highly offensive way. Rob Watson sounds off about the spectacle that ensued.

How to Win The War Between Good and Evil

Raymond Bechard looks at what we must do to look evil in the face and conquer our worst fears.

They Don’t Care About Us

Sometimes, the clarity with which kids see things is heartbreaking.

Why I Don’t Want to Write About the Santa Barbara Shooting

Joanna Schroeder isn’t surprised by the horrific, devastating mass murder just outside the campus of UCSB last night.

The Sound of Hatred

A harrowing audio recording from the Vietnam War.

NAACP, KKK Hold Historic Meeting

“Peaceful.” The word used to describe last week’s meeting between the NAACP and the KKK.

Callsign: Hatred

Think it’s not about race? Thaddeus Howze explains what life is like for a Black man in the USA.

The Politically Correct Terrorist

How do we define terrorism? Carl Pettit takes a closer look.

Talking About Boston with My Boy

A car trip with one of my boys provides closeness and perspective—over the Boston Marathon bombings .

Hatred Is the New Anger

Joseph Burgo, PhD discusses how to survive the eruptions of hatred in your relationship.

What Is the True Measure of a Man?

We can’t choose our fathers, but we can find our own role models, says Donald D’Haene, who found inspiration in the real and scripted lives of Sidney Poitier.

“The whole point of the X-Men comics is to act as an allegory for racism and other prejudices.”

This is a comment by David Byron on the post “A History of LGBT Characters and Themes in Comics”.

“Men traditionally need to hate themselves in a deep way: they must use force and yet be peaceful.”

These are comments by pwlsax and Richard Jeffrey Newman on the post “Towards a Discussion of Male Self-Hatred”.

What I Learned From Launching

What coming out stories share in common.