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How Many More Sayrevilles?

Doylestown - Locker Room

A Nation of Sayrevilles indeed. Michael Kasdan digests the latest high school locker room hazing and abuse incident, this one in Doylestown, PA.

With Football and Hazing, History Repeats Itself

Hazing Followup - GMP

Brian Harmon follows up our Sayreville coverage and urges us to also look backward as we chart a path forward.

What’s Unusual About Sayreville’s Locker Room Sexual Assaults? Nothing.

lockerroom - GMP

Michael Kasdan explores what this rape-by-hazing says about boys and masculinity . . . and ourselves.

Let’s Leave Ben & Jerry’s Out of the Hazing Conversation

Ben and Jerrys, ice cream, hazed and confused

Under scrutiny by anti-hazing advocates, the famed ice cream makers are being pressured to change the name of a new flavor.

Behind the Scenes With Good Fraternity Men Gathered in New Orleans

new orleans, mardi gras

In the headlines are the poor choices young fraternity men make in regards to alcohol overconsumption, misogynistic treatment of women, and degrading practices for new members. Behind the scenes are the men (and women) proactively working to eradicate those headlines.

Whether Men Haze Bison or Humans, The Explanations Are Oddly Similar

hazing, bison, Montana

Haze (v): (1) Drive in a specific direction while on horseback; (2) Force to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks

The Price of a Salute Among Leaders of Men

salute, Armed Forces, Army, office, leadership

What have you done, today, to earn the loyalty of those who follow you?

Prove Your Manhood, Lose Your Life


Ariel Chesler was proud of the good works his fraternity did, but he believes any “test of manhood” is a bad one.

An Honorable Navy Hazing

CSS reflection Hazing/Courtesy of Christopher Carter Sanderson

Christopher Carter Sanderson expected that combat would challenge him, he just didn’t count on the enemy being closer to home.

NFL Hazing and Jonathan Martin’s “Man Card”

Richie Incognito (Photo---Wikimedia Commons)

Cliff Leek explores the culture of hazing and why Jonathan Martin is being attacked for his decision to leave the NFL.

Cruelty, Perversion and the Boy Scouts: A Personal Recollection


In a deeply personal post, Mark Greene recalls the brutality of scouting. “Those who offered themselves up willingly, took savage beatings.”

Social Power Against Male Powerlessness

CL Society 15: Man and Police Group

The experience of male powerlessness is very real, and social group influence is our most immediate antidote.

Ending Anxiety with Solid Shields and Open Vents


Making guyhood better means involving the screens and valves that relieve male anxiety.

NEWSER: Frats Won’t Pay Up When Members Get Killed, Injured


Collectively, frats own more than $3 billion in real estate and generate $170 million in annual revenue.

Former Florida A&M Band Members Charged With Manslaughter in Hazing Death

robert champion

The attorney for the family of Robert Chamion said, “These charges are commensurate with the acts committed. It sends the right message regarding zero-tolerance of hazing in the FAMU band.”