Men Need Partners in Healing

They need to believe life will improve.

Speaking Truth to Shame

Men Choosing to Suffer in Silence No Longer

6 Things Men Can Do After They Discover They Are in an Abusive Relationship

Men are often the victims in abusive relationships. Jordan Kozey explains what to do when you get out.

Don’t Forgive!

When You’re Hurt, Feel It!

It Happens to Boys

Creating safe places to talk about childhood sexual abuse

Confronting Stigma and Stereotypes Around the World

Helping men heal

We Lost a Warrior for Survivors

“The beauty of survivors is their capacity to show empathy and sympathy as they heal in a safe holistically sustainable group of mentors/family. They are our treasures.” – Alexander Villarreal

Carrying the Weight

Learning to let go to find healing

“I Just Need to Tell Someone”

Making space for men to talk about sexual abuse

Men Are Victims Too: Recognizing and Dealing With Abuse

Abuse comes in many forms. Especially abuse that men often don’t recognize.

I’m Angry A Lot

Focusing on anger to find peace

Conjuring Hope in a Storm

Living in New England in mid-winter, it’s necessary to learn to conjure up a sense of hope, even with the snow piling up outside the window.

The Emotional Pain Body, Part 2

In a previous article, I talked about the emotional pain body. Now let’s talk about how to deal with the painbody in our lives. But first…

From Hurt To Healing – Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Brave stories from three men who were assaulted and abused, physically, verbally, and sexually. This will change what you think about sexual assault and abuse.

Mending Fences: On Restoring Boundaries After Abuse

It can be difficult to maintain safe boundaries while on the path of healing. Here are a few insights from Peter Pollard of

Forgiving a Father, Reclaiming a Self

How do you forgive an abusive father? Kim Cottrell shares how she learned how to stop living in secret and pretending everything was okay.