How to Heal After Heartbreak

You feel broken in a place deep inside. It hurts to breathe. It hurts to think. It hurts to be. Until one day …

Why We Need to Ease Up on Ourselves

Theresa Byrne believes the path to personal improvement is through self-compassion, not self-bullying.

The Positive Divorce is Up To You: Two Levels of Healing

Dad, John McElhenney took a while to find the positive side of his divorce. The healing requires multiple levels of understanding and compassion for everyone involved.

Breaking the Man-Box: How Women Can Help

Breaking out of the Man-Box isn’t easy. But men of all ages are doing it and Theresa Byrne wants to show women how to help.

Telling Your Story Matters

Our stories don’t have to define us. But we can use them to speak to others.

Saving a Marriage from the Shame of Infidelity

Shame is so ugly, it’s the least studied human experience. We don’t want to touch, talk, read, or think about it. John Harrison, a licensed counselor, explains why. — A new couple coming to me for counseling greet me at the door to my office for their Monday 11 a.m. appointment. They enter with a […]

The Mechanics of Inner Healing: It’s Individual

The secret to inner healing is as unique as you might expect. It all depends on you.

Healing After Divorce? The Only Way Was Through

There really is healing through divorce, says Three Boys and a Mom writer Rachael Boley.  — Throughout the past five years, I have felt a myriad of emotions toward my ex-husband… Infatuation. Obsession. Co-dependence. Love. Lust. Anger. Fear. Hate. Disgust. Apathy. Sadness. The list goes on. Every emotion that exists, I have felt them all. When we separated a year and a half ago, I felt […]

Healing Shame and Fear by Working With Your Inner Child

Counselor Carl shows how healing the wounded child can heal the anxious, depressed, unfulfilled man (or woman).

Shining a Light on Fantasy vs Reality

I am not broken. I’m not trying to be fully fixed either, but I am continuing the search, asking the questions, following the feel that goes deep inside to places I would rather not look.

The Growth of Grief

Andrew Eldredge explores the time it takes to heal and move on.

The Ever Evolving Purpose of Man

With technological advancements in the medical field booming, man has more reason than ever to thrive and find purpose.

The Shame Game: Living in an Abuser’s Shadow

When men abuse women, the victim’s stories often stay hidden until they’re ready to be told. As Devorah Goldstein shares a story of hope, she spreads a message of healing.

Those Flashbacks: Another Step Toward Healing

When our healing has taken place, we no longer need those painful reminders. This author shows us how.

When Healing Is Boring: Supporting Support for Men

Reconnection, testimony…boring? These are just some of the ways to describe men’s healing, and Rick Goodwin shows us how.

9 Meditations of a Divorced Man

Jordan Kozey takes us into the mind of man finding his way post-marriage.