How to Heal a Broken Heart


Dillan DiGiovanni shares what becomes of the broken-hearted, when they actively choose to heal.

15 Things That Mentally Strong Athletes Don’t Do


There is a big difference between the athlete you know, and the athlete you think you know.

Most People Make One Simple Mistake That Screws Up Their Fitness Goals – Here’s How To Avoid It


Creating healthy habits — not binge diets or boots camps — is the true secret to getting in shape.

Exploring Couple’s Touch (Just in Time for Valentine’s Day)


Treat your honey to the ecstasy of massage from the comfort of your own home. Elise Fabricant, our favorite massage therapist, guides us in couple’s touch.

Microtia, My Daughter’s ‘Lucky Fin’

photo courtesy of Johnathan Bane

Johnathan Bane finds unique and creative ways to help his daughter through an abnormality of her ear.

It’s Okay to Cry.

JH 2-2015 group shot 600

So many of us get into a job, fall into a routine and miss out on all the amazing, fun and exciting things to do in life! I recently read something that Einstein said. “How many people are trapped in their everyday habits: part numb, part frightened, part indifferent? To have a better life we must keep choosing how we’re living.” Now is your time to choose!

Soul-Searching of an American Insomniac

Insomnia 2

I am an American and an insomniac … and that link is not coincidental.

The Three Bitter Regrets that Lead to Life’s Better Bets


Sometimes you have to let go of your regrets, and focus on how successful your future can be.

Reflections of a Mental Health Care Intern

reflections by hiking artist

Ariel Gordon shares some insights from her work in mental health care.

Why You Need to Experience a Group Hug


In the heart of a group hug, powers of the universe living inside every one us, unlock to heal untold hurts.

The Difference Between Inspiration and Fitness-Shaming


I am not your family physician. I am not your son, father, brother or husband. I’m just a fitness writer.

What’s the Difference Between Outbreak and Epidemic?


Arinjay Banerjee demonstrates the differences in this medical jargon

One Man’s Long Battle With Eating Disorders

man mirror

Anorexia and bulimia affect men just as much as women.

The Mindful Athlete


6 ways to get more out of your life and exercise.

Are You A Temporarily Embarrased Fitness Model?


It’s time to change the way people think about weight loss. James Fell has some advice.

Four Dang Good Reasons To Stop Making Excuses And Get A Flu Shot


Why James FellI just got a flu shot (and why you should too).