The Difference Between Inspiration and Fitness-Shaming


I am not your family physician. I am not your son, father, brother or husband. I’m just a fitness writer.

What’s the Difference Between Outbreak and Epidemic?


Arinjay Banerjee demonstrates the differences in this medical jargon

One Man’s Long Battle With Eating Disorders

man mirror

Anorexia and bulimia affect men just as much as women.

The Mindful Athlete


6 ways to get more out of your life and exercise.

Are You A Temporarily Embarrased Fitness Model?


It’s time to change the way people think about weight loss. James Fell has some advice.

Four Dang Good Reasons To Stop Making Excuses And Get A Flu Shot


Why James FellI just got a flu shot (and why you should too).

Man vs. Food: How One Man Learned To Start Eating Better

sad about fruit salad

Here’s how one man learned to change his diet.

Prostate Cancer and Vitamin C Therapy


In the fight against Cancer, there are more questions than answers. That doesn’t mean we should stop trying to find those answers.

Five Things I Was Desperate For My Son To Do Until He Actually Started Doing Them


Dad and Buried could not WAIT for his young son to be able to do certain things. Until he did them. Now we have a desperate dad wanting to turn back time.

Is It Time To Admit That CrossFit’s Just Too Dangerous?

crossfit man

You keep hearing that CrossFit is dangerous… but is that true? James Fell investigates, and refuses to fall for any propaganda.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind While Caring for a Dying Parent

Seven Things You Need to Know About Caring for a Dying Parent

James Delles remembers what it was like to care for his father in his last days and offers a few tips about what anyone assuming the caregiver role for a parent really needs to know about death and dying.

Method of The Healthy Mind


A healthy brain is a healthy body. Meet the man who proved it.

Let’s Talk About Play and Why It’s Essential in Education

children playing snow cc_Minorojo2

Play is a powerful tool for teachers and kids alike for engaging young minds in learning and social skills.

Another Environmental Crisis — A Funny Look at Gravity


Spencer Dryden has a theory about Gravitational Flux, and he suspects it might explain something a lot of us experience.

Sports Explained: Weightlifting


Snatch It. Clean It. Jerk It. Shiney Sparks Explains.

Wellness: It’s a Way of Life

Wellness photo Jason Gootman GMP

Does it really have to be that hard to be well? What if exercise and nutrition could be fun? Wellness coach Jason Gootman can make it so.