How to Break Your Tired Pattern of Dating the Same Type Over and Over

groundhog date

Are you stuck in a dating loop? Is every date “Groundhog date”? Here’s how to break your unhealthy patterns for good!

Let’s Hear It For The Boys


Mike Johnson from Human Parts talks about keeping the boys healthy.

A Heart Attack, A New Lease on Life

empty hospital bed

The commitment I have to what I believe in only grows, but now I’ll be working smarter, more thoughtfully and more consciously!

Confessions of a (Diet) Cokehead

Diet Coke

Matthew Rozsa discusses his love of soft drinks… and how he was tricked into believing they were safe.

Why It’s So Damn Hard to Recover from an Eating Disorder in Our Society

man with eating disorder

How we talk and think about weight isn’t just toxic to people who have or have had eating disorders — it’s toxic to everyone.

Mental Health: The Silent Wait of Depression


How happy do you feel? Depression may be more common than you think.

Walking Is A Human’s Best Medicine


Walking in nature is truly medicine for both body and soul.

The Pain Doesn’t End When You Leave the Hospital


Sami Jankins explains what it’s like to live your whole life in and out of the hospital— and what well-meaning family and friends can do to help.

8 of The Best Apps For Health and Fitness


Your health is important and today’s technology makes it easier to stay on top of it. — I love technology, you love technology, hey even the Dali Lama is on Twitter! If you’re not reading this on a computer, you are probably reading it on a phone or tablet. Technology can have its downside in […]

Race to Somewhere: Finding Our Way Through Yoga


Robert Zeitlin shares how he got over his fear and learned a new lesson about stress — from his daughter.

11 Reasons It’s Awesome to Work Out With Your Significant Other


It’s not all sex-related, but it could be!

How One Small Action Can Change Your Life


We can start small and experience significant changes – Erik Kruger shows us how.

7 Nutrition Books That Will Transform Your Health


Everything you’ve been taught about your health may be wrong, these books will set the record straight and help you live a long healthy life. — You can’t out train a bad diet. Most people are committed to some form of exercise, but they neglect to commit to the key variable to their success: Nutrition, […]

Mental Health: How to Stop Recycling Your Mistakes


 What is your best mistake? ––– Shitty first drafts. All good writers write them. This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts. — Anne Lamott When I was 18, I took a volunteer job as a camp counsellor for a week: First mistake. To prepare, I packed my own suitcase: Mistake […]

L’Chaim: The 18th Anniversary of the Day I Was Nearly Murdered


Exactly 18 years ago on this day, I nearly died. A somewhat morbid reflection on everything that has happened since.

Want to Know Your Risk of Dying in the Next Five Years?


There might be an age test to find out!