Mind Over What Matters

While living in Paradise, one man tries desperately to break himself down in order to build himself back up from the pain of anxiety and depression.

My Journey Into Panic – 5 Lessons Learned from 6 Years with Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety attacks effect more people than you realize, and as hard as it is to believe, you shouldn’t let them scare you.

7 Steps for Workaholic Dads Who Want to Get Back In Great Shape

Follow these simple steps and get ready to see a big transformation.

Mental Health: Leading When You Are Unwell – Part I

A leader’s vulnerability will impact their staff. But how do you know what to say and when to keep it personal?

Mental Health: How to Lead Well When You Are Unwell

Workplaces that support employee mental health are progressive. But what about the mental health of the leaders?

5 Ways to Hack Your Nightmares

Bad dreams are uncomfortable, but there are ways to beat them.

Depression: Wearing Different Faces

When depression strikes, we can’t just snap out of it. So instead, we wear different (fake) faces.

Violence and Mental Health

Bill Eddy provides a brief look at various mental health disorders and their relationship — or non-relationship — to violence.

It’s a Chronically-ill Holiday (Again), But You Can Do This

Even if attending one holiday function is the only action you can take this year…it is enough. You are enough.

Are You Killing Yourself With Carbohydrates?

Insulin resistant, pre-diabetic and kicking butt at 44 years young.

5 Steps to Increasing Your Stamina for Life

We all want more stamina. We want to do more, feel more, love more, be more, give more and sail across the seas of life. Sometimes there are rough seas while others will be serene and calm. With a lot of stamina, all the ripples we experience seem minimal.

Dad’s Hot Topic: Angelina Jolie and Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Save the ta-tas!

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable lessons in trending issues.

Meeting of the Man Council: Perspectives and Tips for Men as They Age

Three generations of men answer five questions about how the years changed their perspectives, relationships, and health.

PERMA – the 5 Elements of Flourishing in Life

Happiness and a sense of well-being stem from these five elements in your life.

Instead of Being Neutered, I Decided to Live With Cancer, and it’s F*cking Scary

Luckily, all my blood work and scans have come back clear. The last sonogram of my testicles has shown no new tumor growth, so I can relax for a few months…until the next round of testing.

Adding Fuel To The Furnace

What if growing old isn’t causing men’s health problems? What if the problem is we ignore what happens to our body as we grow older?