Vasectomy as Male Choice

How can we shame women for getting abortions when men aren’t participating in preventing unwanted pregnancies?

A Short Guide to Firing Your Special-Needs Health Care Provider

In Part 10 of the series, “Every Family Has a Story,” Darla Johnson helps you think through the options if you need to change your special-needs child’s health care provider.

12 Reasons Why We Vilify

Without a set of shared values, argues Ken Goldstein, we can’t talk with, argue with or perhaps even live with the other side. And then what?

Is America Embracing Democratic Socialism?

Setting aside our emotions, let look at what Democratic Socialism really would mean for America.

The Link Between Orange Juice and Healthcare Reform Gives Us All a Cold

“Socialized Medicine” – sounds like something that was said off the cuff on Meet the Press as human speech first emerged at the dawn of mankind. Not quite.

I Almost Died on New Year’s Eve

Robert Cowan’s night out ends in the emergency room, and no one knows how he got there.

There Will Never Be A Republican Alternative To Obamacare

Republicans clearly don’t like the President’s landmark health care law, but they aren’t going to come up with anything to replace it with any time soon.

Does This Little Girl Have the Right to Survive?

Born with a rare disease, her parents’ struggle to get help is a stark contrast to what Hilary Lauren believes should be the basic right to survive.

Stop Blaming Obamacare For Everything

While the landmark health care law is having a huge impact on our health care system, but its political impact faded long ago. A fun Twitter fight broke out yesterday after political analyst Charlie Cook declared that everything would have been fine for the Democrats right now if they had never passed Obamacare back in […]

Ebola Panic!

Yes Ebola is a problem, no it is not going to kill us all.

7 Numbers Shaping Tomorrow’s World

How trends connected to elderly people, single people, Asia, the Internet, mental health and global demand for water shape tomorrow’s world? Take a look.

Wasn’t Obamacare Suppose To Fail?

It turns out a lot of those negative predictions you’ve been hearing for so long about Obamacare didn’t come true.

The Real Problem With The Hobby Lobby Decision

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling about birth control highlights a lot of problems in our society, but one of the biggest has to be our dysfunctional health care system itself.

What About Religious Rights Now?

Individual rights suffer when corporations have religious rights.

Inequity is Hilarious

What do the Mars agenda and hip replacement have in common? The answer is inequity!

If You Like Your Plan, You Couldn’t Keep It Anyway

All those stories about Obamacare canceling millions of insurance plans turned out to be mostly hype.