The Link Between Orange Juice and Healthcare Reform Gives Us All a Cold

“Socialized Medicine” – sounds like something that was said off the cuff on Meet the Press as human speech first emerged at the dawn of mankind. Not quite.

When Will I Get Over My Divorce?

Even after 5 years this divorced dad still struggles to maintain a positive approach to his ex-wife and doing his best to keep it real.

My First Doctor’s Visit in Fifteen Years

Why don’t men go to the doctor?

Parent’s View: The Economic Impact of High Deductibles on Kids’ Health

Long lines at urgent care raise questions on the future of kids’ health.

Mental Illness Beggars Society

The USA’s mentally ill are spiralling into the dark side

7 Things Dads Need to Teach Daughters About Money

Many women are at a disadvantage regarding money and money management. Dads can change that by teaching their daughters seven easy money lessons early in life.

Wasn’t Obamacare Suppose To Fail?

It turns out a lot of those negative predictions you’ve been hearing for so long about Obamacare didn’t come true.

The Real Problem With The Hobby Lobby Decision

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling about birth control highlights a lot of problems in our society, but one of the biggest has to be our dysfunctional health care system itself.

“these kinds of insane charges…are the primary reasons people have trouble affording health care…”

This comment by Steve on the post The High Cost of A Cherry Popsicle (or The Lack of Healthcare Cost Transparency)

Twelve Things Americans Should Know

Steve Jaeger’s list.

Front Row to a Dark Drama: A Good Man Loses

Reverend Neil O’Farrell with a heartbreaking story of homelessness and those times when our help feels helpless.

Income Inequality in America

According to Chris Hicke, the biggest issue in the country is a symptom of cultural trends.

Noblesse Oblige = Being an Exceptional Human

Tsach Gilboa looks at the idea of noble behavior in the context of the shenanigans in Washington, but more importantly, with the context of greater humanity.

The Homeless Helping the Homeless

Around the country, people who have nothing are volunteering their time to help others.

Drop Out…or Suit Up?

The tectonic shift from full time jobs to flexible and temporary work

Unmarried and Unequal

Why The Alternatives to Marriage Project fights for unmarried equality.