7 Ways to Make the (Ahem) “Nagging” Stop Forever


Surprise, your partner doesn’t care about dirty dishes. Nagging might mean they’re worried about core issues in your partnership, but don’t know how to tell you.

Why You Need a Partner, Not a Peacekeeper


Nothing is more attractive to a person aching to be vulnerable than a partner asking for trust. Here’s why your peacekeeper needs you to get naked.

8 Things I Want to Thank My First Crush for Teaching Me About Love


Your childhood crush can still teach you a lot about relationships and what it truly means to love.

The 5 Stages of Love: Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3


Stage three is an opportunity to love and appreciate our partner, to shift from the expectation of “ideal mate.”

A Note to Nice Guys: Once I Couldn’t Stand You, Now I Can’t Get Enough

engagement 1ed

Newsflash nice guys, nothing is sexier than a man truly present. Plenty of women are ready to love you.

Your Partner Wants Rough Sex (So Ask Her About It)

talk to her

Society is quick to punish female sexuality, instead of embrace or celebrate it. Your partner might be ashamed or embarrassed to tell you what they really want in bed, so start the conversation and ask her.

Satisfying These Three Needs Makes Her Feel Loved


Deep, down inside, we have a longing to fulfill three basic needs. Are you meeting your partners’ desires?

Resentment Means You’re Not Being Honest (With Yourself)

Resentment Means Not Being Honest Photo by Oriol Domingo

If you’re resenting someone, you’re probably not being fully honest about what’s really happening with you.

Why Do We Partner With People Who Make Us Crazy?

Why We Attract Partners Who Make Us Crazy by Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves reveals why our intimate partners often seem uniquely prepared to trigger the worst in us.

Why Every Couple Should Break Up

why every couple should break up photo by Dimaz Fakhruddin

Bryan Reeves’s recently stumbled upon one of the most important aspects of building a sound and stable relationship. It happened during the most beautiful breakup.

5 Conversations That Will Save Your Relationship


It’s not just about talking – you’ve gotta talk about the right stuff. Harris O’Malley on how to communicate about things that matter.

7 Things Men Want In A Relationship


Jordan Gray says that there are seven simple things that basically all men crave in an intimate relationship.

“Does ‘no relationship’ post-divorce dating work?”


7 signs of a healthy Post-Divorce Relationships

7 Signs of a Healthy Post-Divorce Relationship


Relationships are fun. And now that we have our kids, and our independence, we can be more intentional and clear about what we want in our next relationship.

Fighting a Lot? These Tools Can Help


Even the best relationships have conflict. But the trick to long-lasting and stable love is knowing how to battle it out in a healthy way.