How Men Can Find Power in Their Emotions

Crying, uncool? No, it’s actually got some pretty awesome powers.

Comment of the Day: ‘What will the neighbors say?’

Your child should be your first concern.

The One Thing About Heartbreak That Almost Kills You

Heartbreak, it turned out, was the only thing that was ever going to fix my broken heart.

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Loving Dangerously: Why You Have to Let Go of Those Who Reject Help

You can’t help those who don’t want it.

3 Guideposts for Making Peace With Suicide

The suicide of your loved one irrevocably changes you. The process of profound, complicated grief leads you deeper into your heart. The three mileposts of acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion become your pathway to peace. Dr. Adele Ryan McDowell assures you that the day will come when you can once again take a full breath and your newly pieced-together heart will remain intact.

Shining a Light on Fantasy vs Reality

I am not broken. I’m not trying to be fully fixed either, but I am continuing the search, asking the questions, following the feel that goes deep inside to places I would rather not look.

The Sting of the Fling: The Brutal Pain of an Unexpected Heartbreak

A fling is the sparkly honeymoon period, an electrifying crush, charged with dinner dates, booze and sex.

What It’s Like To Feel Nothing: Why Indifference Hurts More Than Love

When you long to feel for the one you’re with, it’s devastating to realize you cannot control indifference. You can only hope for a passionate future.

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Endings expert Matt Shumate believes multiple breakups are the best thing that ever happened to him.

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Why I’m Furious at the Phrase ‘Broken Heart’

Halfway through my rant, I realized I was telling this to myself more than him.