“Is Crying Healthy and Cathartic for both Men and Women?”


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9 Important Life Lessons That A Breakup Teaches You


That rough break-up you just went through? It might’ve been really good for you.

The Single Guy Archives, Vol. 2. Drinks and Smartphones


The author was single once upon a time, and survived it. And wrote about it. Here, he revisits his misadventures with alcohol and mobile phones.

The Single Guy Archives, Vol 1. Online Dating Adventures


The author was once a very different, single man. Here, he shares his past dispatches from the front lines of the dating game.

Going Public: Xe Sands Reads an Open Letter to a Lost Girlfriend

xe sands going

Of all the things to find on Craigslist, Xe Sands found this letter from a grieving boyfriend.

Breaking Away From Her


Breaking up is not the same as letting go. LeRon Barton talks about how he learned the difference.

Been Through A Messy Break-up? Then You May Suffer From Pistanthrophobia

standing alone-y stachelig-flickr

Pistanthrophobia is something that you bring on every date you go on after a bad break-up. It prevents you from being able to love fully. Danny Baker explains some simple ways you can get past it.

This is Not a Love Song

sheet music-by jayneandd-flickr

Arne Van Schoors explains that he is “blessed with the talent to feel heartbroken even before the first kiss.”

4 Ways to Move On After a Break Up

Mending a broken heart image by free grunge textures

Tamara Star knows how difficult it is to crawl out of bed and back into your own skin after a break-up. Here are four specific ways to move on.

I Eat My Pain

photo by deviant art

In Jackie Summers’ experience, people are always telling you to “just get over it” when it comes to emotional pain. They rarely, as Jackie does here, tell you how.

Love and Middle School

photo by snre

Nick Florest realizes that telling a middle-schooler to “get over it” when his heart is broken is not the soundest of advice.

The Precipice


Jackie Summers, on how a few words at the end of a love affair can send one into a free fall.

Why I’m Terrified of Relationships


You let someone into your life, knowing all along that they could wake up and change their mind. But Nate Bagley has decided it’s time to assume the best of others.

She Dumped Me Because I Didn’t Make as Much Money as Her


A poem to the woman who left me because of the size of my wallet.

Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex


Ferrett Steinmetz is tired of being told that he should point guns at his daughter’s boyfriends.

Break Ups: A Bitch or a Blessing?


Understanding one woman’s perspective on a painful breakup.