Why Falling Out Of Love is so Much Harder Than Falling In Love


Falling out of love can be prevented, but only if you fight the urge to kick back and relax when it comes to your relationship.

You Don’t Miss the Person. You Miss the Idea of That Person.


Do you really miss the person? If you’re not remembering them accurately, you might be wasting time on someone who doesn’t really deserve you.

The Truth About Real Love You Only Learn When You ‘Almost Love’ Someone


Sometimes, people weren’t meant to be in our lives forever. It’s a hard truth to accept, but we have to, in order to survive.

All Couples Fall in Love, Only Some Can Build a True Relationship


If we understood the difference between falling in love and actually loving, we’d save ourselves a whole lot of heartbreak and stress.

The Absolute Tragedy of Watching Someone Fall Out of Love With You


Everything seems perfect. But then you wake up one morning and can just sense something is different.

Can a Kind of Heartbreak Heal You—and the World?

Can Heartbreak by Klearchos Kapoutsis

Raoul Wieland explores what happens when our hearts are broken open instead of apart.

Lessons from a Broken Heart

Heartbroken robot

The silver lining for men of having our hearts broken.

Seeing Through the Mist

Seeing Through the Mist by Thomas Fiffer

For Thomas Fiffer, a misty morning drive brings back memories of heartbreak and summons a vision for the future.

The Toughest Part About Breaking Up is Losing Your Best Friend

best friends

Lovers are much easier to come by, of course… Best friends, on the other hand… they’re called “best” friends for a reason. They’re incredibly difficult to, if not impossible, to replace.

What it’s Like to be Cheated On by Someone You Love More Than Anything


Paul Hudson laments the loss of love.

It Hurts Me, Too: What Breaking Up is Like From a Guy’s Perspective


As funny as it sounds, I’m thankful for this broken heart; I’m thankful for this sh*tty feeling because I know, deep down, she changed me and I’m better off for it.

What it’s Like to Know You’re Toxic for Each Other But Can’t Let Go

can't let go

Paul Hudson on meeting the right person at the wrong time.

Why We Love—a Call for Submissions to The Good Men Project

call for subs why we love

Everyone loves. We want your love stories. The who, the how much, and most important, the why.

The Pain of a Broken Heart and Why It’s the Best Thing to Happen to You

heartbreak is good for you

Sometimes a stressful event will bring about deep reflection, and that temporary depressive state can act as the spark.

A Blessing In Disguise: How Heartbreak Can Make You Motivated And Creative

broken chocolate heart

Heartbreak isn’t fun, but it offers unexpected gifts, like creativity, and inspiration to do some of your best work.

What I Learned About Love as A Man; Heartfelt Testimonials


Aleasa Word gets men to confess what they know about love.