Why Are These Two Navy Dudes Doing a Lip Sync to Frozen? [Video]

Dillan DiGiovanni is curious why they did it, but all that really matters is, it’s awesome.

V8 Juice’s Poisonous Punch: Disinhibited Intimidation & Gate Keeping

Warren Blumenfeld responds to some of the attacks he received after posting commentary on the V8 commercial “Personal Trainer.”

Why Manly Men Think They Must Eat Meat (And How That Changes)

Alex Bove wants to know, “Should we really be shaming men for being able to pronounce quinoa?” On meat, masculinity, and men’s health and the sexual politics of meat.

The Masculine Mystique

Chapter Two, Part 1 in Noah Brand’s and Ozy Franz’s book about masculinity.

Yes, Some Women Only Go For A**holes

Ever just wished feminists would admit that some women DO only like “bad boys”? Melissa Fabello not only admits it, she explores why this phenomenon exists.

Male Nudity in Public

Jamie Utt realizes that it’s time to put some pants on.

What About The Men: Chapter 1, Introduction and Principles

The first chapter of Noah Brand and Ozy Frantz’s provocative book What About The Men? ​explores feminism, gender performance, and why the “man box” is a bad fit.

Diary of a Submissive Man at NY Magazine

What does a magazine article about a sexually submissive man tell us about gender roles?

Advertising Sins: From Cracked!

Via Cracked, we have the five most insulting ways products are advertised to men. I’m going to assume you’ve gone over there and read the article, on account of my article will be far more boring and lacking in dick jokes. (Also, less ableist, so go me.)

The Fourth of July

Trigger warning for mentions of rape and violence.  As Americans enjoy fireworks, flags and picnics, it is important to take a moment to remember the military currently engaged in hostilities in five countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen). The weight of military service falls equally on most demographics: the racial composition of the military is similar to […]

Hegemonic Masculinity

As some of you may be aware, I’m a sociology major. Sociology majors have a bad habit of using words that make sense to other sociology majors, but make the entire rest of the fucking world tilt their heads and say “buh?”  or, in extreme cases coughpatriarchycough, think the sociology majors are saying the exact […]