It’s “Just” Alcohol

Its just alcohol photo by pinguino

Barry Adkins’ son died of alcohol poisoning the day he moved out on his own. And Barry wants help others so that something good will come out of that.

The Empathy Test


Empathy is a human superpower.

Are You Sure You’re Okay? Why We Lie About How We’re Doing

hiding-fayez closed account-flickr

We would all be better off if we shared a bit more, cared a bit more and judged a bit less.

His Next Breath: A GoFundMe Campaign

Clay3 - Copy

Clay Bayer’s body is rejecting the transplanted lungs he received 5 years ago. And now he needs your help to breathe again.

This Video Made My Day: A Dolphin Asks a Man for Help

Dolphin asks man for help

A Dolphin is entangled in a fishing line, thankfully a Hawaiian diving instructor is here to help.

Dear Sandwiched Man: You Need More Help


Peter Biro is a member of the “sandwich generation” — raising children while caring for an elderly parent. He hopes what he is learning can help others.

Three Good Men Who Happen To Be Doctors

photo by eva blue

Sherri Rosen was about to give up on finding help through the medical profession. Then she found her dream team.

Unconscious and Freefalling: Sometimes a Man Really Needs Help

Man need help Skydive

Helmet cam from unconscious skydiver being rescued mid-air.

My Accidental Christmas Surprise

stranger door photo by williac

On Christmas Night, Sarah Pescosolido had a problem she didn’t think she could solve. Lucky for her, a stranger was happy to help.

Everything’s Fine, I Went to a Shrink.

Man dark photo by filsinger

Gregory Jaquet thought his problems were everyone else’s fault but his own. He didn’t need therapy. Why would he?

Max and the Broken Dishwasher

photo by Phil Roeder

George Davis, appliance repair technician—meet Max, a four-year-old, also broken.

The Boy in the Boardroom: When Sexual Abuse and Manhood Collide

photo by Tyler Merbler

C. K. Carlton thought he knew what a real man was. Turns out, he had it all wrong.

One Foot Out the Door

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Jackson Bliss answers his first letter for the Verbose Love Junkie Column

God and a Crimson Porsche

crimson porsche photo by thedalogs

Who do you call on when nothing else will help? Jason Helveston watches a story unfold before his eyes and gains insights.

The Other Side of the Boulder Flood.

Boulder flood

Yes there’s lots of devastation here in Colorado—homes lost, businesses flooded, families displaced; yet on the flip side, underneath our heartache and loss, there is still so much beauty.

Big Little Hand

Big Little Hand

Was there a moment when you, all of a sudden, could differentiate between you and your child? In a tiny gesture, Bruce Ditman saw the daylight between he and his 7 year old daughter.