GMP Dads Workshop: Why “Date Nights” Fail an How to Revive Your Marriage

Date nights are a great idea, but they often leave us feeling flat and wondering where all the joy & love went. This week’s video explores why and one simple step to reawaken your relationship.

Listen: I Don’t Care if You’re a Burden. If You Need Help, Ask for it.

I’m done — I mean, really, really finished — with the attitude that having a mental illness makes us a burden.

A Dad’s Letter to His Daughter

Steve Garrett has taken a thorough look at the men in the world. He decided to write is daughter a letter about them. Here are his thoughts.

The GMP Dad’s Workshop: Preventing Divorce

Divorce threatens us all. But having the right skills can greatly decrease your chances of ending in this horrible way.

Everything Divorced Men Need to Know About That Horrible Anxiety: Yes We Know You Have It

You have it because it is human, and normal. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? Hoping it goes away is not the answer. Read on.

5 Challenges Dads Face Over the Sexual Harassment of Teens

Teens are getting the wrong messages about sex and relationships on social media and messaging apps. Robert Locke gives you some of the basics in a must-read.

22 Ways to Deal with PTSD—Plus One Reason to Hope!

PTSD and TBI claim too many lives each day. Here are enough ways to help each other and yourself.

The Most Important Words a Man Can Speak

Words have the power to tell stories, make connections, and elicit emotions. What do these words mean to you?

Your Teen Crossed The Law: It’s Time To Review Your Family’s Asset Protection Plan

What happens when your kid turns criminal? How do you protect the family while trying to save him or her?

How to Prevail Over The Paralyzing Post-Divorce Failure Emotional Cocktail

Divorce has hit and in the aftermath, leaves a feeling all its own. How do you get out of it? Bill Douglas has some ideas.

10 Thoughtless Things To Avoid In Your Marriage

Lack of awareness plus lack of thought equals lack of relationship. Steven Lake identifies ten behaviors that put your marriage at risk.

What to Do When Your Spouse Dominates You

Walked on by your wife?!? Partner running your world? Our next Dad workshop could hold important answers. — Far too many men feel walked on in their partnerships. Controlled, nagged and dominated by their partners. It’s a lousy life and it usually means the spouse isn’t happy easier. Next week’s video gives men 4 steps to […]

How Do You Raise a Boy Who is Dying?

Nicholas Jensen was six years old, and he was dying. This is the story of the adults around him who helped him live his life.

National Make-a-Friend Day: The 4 Sticking Points in Efforts to Make Friends

Today is National Make a Friend Day! Studies have shown that many men find themselves friendless. Here are 4 sticking points in the effort to make friends, and ways to get past them.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Help People In Need

He did all he could to save his mom but realized you shouldn’t always help people in need. — “F#%k!” There was no better word to describe how I felt at that moment as I sat on my bed feeling dazed and confused while trying to understand what I had just heard. My mother had returned to her abusive relationship with […]

A Dad Shares His 5 Biggest Parenting Mistakes

Andy Lax confesses that he is not perfect. He shares his five biggest mistakes as a dad. What are yours?