Men, Help and Masculinity


Does asking for help negate your manhood?

The Worst Part of Being a Parent


Quote from Richard Ford’s “Independence Day”.

A Mom’s Message to Dad: You Do It Better


Tarynn is a great mom. So great, that she can tell another outstanding parent when she sees one, and she see’s exactly that in her kids’ dad.

The True Meaning Of Consent


Shawn Henfling shares the story of witnessing an assault that cemented the meaning of consent in his mind. TW: Rape and Sexual Assault

Inside The Prison Of My Mind


Shawn Henfling offers a glimpse into his mind in the midst of a depressive episode.

An Appalachian Tale: Heroin Hurricane


Small-town America isn’t what it used to be.

When It’s Time for Men to Ask for Help


We all face emotional problems that are too much to handle alone. But for men, asking for help is often a challenge. This guide helps you know if it’s time.

Carry Each Other—a Call to Never Give Up

Carry Each Other by marc falardeau

Tim Mousseau has a request. An important one. Please pay attention.

When There Is No Normal


Norman Gold shares the challenge of parenting a child with a mental illness.

Top 10 Business Tools Built By Startups


Sometimes the greatest things come from the places we least expect.

Let’s Stop Allowing Comparing Trauma to Become a Contest

pissing contest

Have you had something bad happen to you? Congratulations, so has everyone else. Let’s stop making conversations on trauma a contest of scars.

Best Procrastination Tip Ever


Leo Babauta has one simple technique for beating procrastination, it just takes a bit of practice.

If You’re Considering Suicide

man darkness photo by sopasnor

“A few years ago, I was seriously depressed, looking for a reason to stay alive. I couldn’t find one. Now I’d like to help others.”

How To Really Help Your Wife and Kids


Dillan DiGiovanni offers an innovative way men can really help their families.

Somedays: Our Internal Struggle

Internal Struggle

A sweet, short look at our internal struggles and overcoming them for ourself and others.

The Art of Asking for Your Help and My Number


Andrew Morrison-Gurza on the difficulties of asking for help when you just want to be one of the guys.