Men as Helpful Hands

A man saves a fish and gets a big thanks.

This Guy Really Hates Me: A Guide to Handling Criticism

If isn’t meant to be helpful, then learn from it. If it’s meant to be hurtful, try not to take it to heart.

We All Have Our Defining Moments

Nick Charney remembers how a corporate culture empowered him to act for the good of others.

We Love This Dad’s Day Out with Baby Ad from Wells Fargo (Video)

Check out this heartwarming ad with a smart, helpful dad.

“Men need to hone in on their inner HSP to help other each other through tough times.”

These are comments by Leia and Rick Belden on the post “Welcome to the New Generation of Highly Sensitive Men”. There is an opportunity for men to pick up on the anguish and troubles of others and do what they can to creative solve them together. Can you tune into your inner Highly Sensitive Man?

A Scout Is…

Emiliano C. Diaz de Leon hopes Boy Scouts will one day restore their trustworthiness.

How to Build a Community: The Difference Between 10,000 Strangers and 10,000 Engaged Activists.

Lisa Hickey offers six ways to think about community building, and 16 ways to start building.