Choosing Uniqueness over Conformity

As a society do we really promote uniqueness?

12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Confidence can be learned, and Dr. Travis Bradberry identifies the behaviors that confident people consistently exhibit.

Victoria’s Secret, Horse Manure, and Why Choosing Yourself Saves The World

The ONLY way to change the world is to solve a problem that is important to YOU.

Elizabeth Warren and Henry Ford Agree. Middle Class is It

Prosperity in America rises and falls with the middle class. Making higher education affordable and refinancing crushing student loan debt, will grow the economy for all.

A Few Reasons Why Republicans Have to Stop Saying President Obama is the Worst President in History

Republicans often claim that President Obama is the worst president in history but how does he really compare to the worst of the worst?

” If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

This comment by Warren Blumenfeld on the post Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld explains the importance of holding corporations responsible for their participation in past atrocities.

Tom Perkins Cries “Nazi!” to Defend the 1%. And Guess What? It’s Working.

What Was VC Tom Perkins Thinking When He Compared “Persecution” of the 1% to Nazi Anti-Semitism? Here’s What.

Communicating a Need

While some ideas drown in noise, 1BlueString is bringing the voices of the 1in6 men that have been sexually abused to the surface.

Inspiration: The Facts Are These …

Just a reminder: don’t give up. Don’t you ever freaking give up.