“The said to be blind meant not to see. How was I to believe them when I saw?”


And There Was Light: The autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, blind hero of the French Resistance.

What is Your Role in Helping a Loved One Recover from Depression?

best friend-fady habib-flickr

Danny Baker outlines what a person can do to help with the depression recovery of a friend or family member.

Mornings with Old Lovers

Old couple, marriage, love

Gloria Hayes wants you to know that there is more than one way to make love.

This Video Made My Day: A Dolphin Asks a Man for Help

Dolphin asks man for help

A Dolphin is entangled in a fishing line, thankfully a Hawaiian diving instructor is here to help.

Heroic Forgiveness: Learning to Reconcile a Lost Relationship With My Dad


When it’s hard to remember the good times with your father, it’s hard to move on.

Under the Suit: Iron Man 3


Iron Man 3 might appear a stereotypical comic book hero adventure, but Christian Clifton thinks there is an important message hidden among the special effects.

One Man Saved More Than 600 Kids, Never Saw Them Again, Until This.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.34.38 AM

This man saved more than 600 kids from Nazi death camps, and their reunion will probably inspire you, and make you cry.

This Video Restored My Faith in Human Goodness

Bus Driver Saves Passenger

This video kicked me in the feels and reminded me that humans aren’t the worst.

News to Know: 8-Year-Old Hero Saves 6, Dies Trying to Save 7th


Tweet — 8-year-old Tyler Doohan is a warrior you need to know about. During the final breaths of his life he waded through a burning mobile home and brought six of his relatives to safety. But his disabled grandfather, a man he considered his best friend, was still in the house. So Tyler went back […]

Stop Living a Dead Man’s Life: How to Make the New Year Truly a New One

Living photo by Candida.Perfoma

Alan Bishop wants you to consider this: The story of your life is in your control. Write it, speak it, and most importantly—take action.

Comics: Cape, Mask … Swastika? The Unintended Fascism of Those Who Protect


The following is a first person editorial, in response a piece for The Atlantic by Chris Yogerst, where he said…

100 words on Heroes 12/22: A Call For Submissions


Call for Op-Ed submissions: 100 words on heroes/heroism.

Want to Talk? This Guy Will Listen

What's your superpower?

Not all superheroes wear tights, and not all superpowers are BIG. See this guy use his awesome-but-simple power for good.

He Was a Local Hero, Until Gender Identity Disorder


Paula Sophia Schonauer was a hero until he became a her.

My Imaginary Life


I am either a hero or a failure in my daydreams, but is the present enough for me?

Former Marine Who Was Beaten Unconscious Defending Bullied Boy Would Do It Again

Wen Jones

“It was the right thing to do” says Wen Jones, father of two, who interceded when a boy and his father were being bullied by three men.