The Gay Man Behind Dr. Martin Luther King

Bayard Rustin was a key advisor to Dr. King. Widely credited for the pacifist strategies of the movement, Rustin was a gay man who, had he not been shamed and shunned, could have been at the forefront of both black and LGBT civil rights.

This ‘History Hero’ is a Man You’ve Never Heard of

Dr. Alun Withey on an unlikely hero who rebelled against the system.

The Hero You’ve Never Heard Of and What His Story Means in Our Times

His last message before being executed in July, 1943 was, “Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards.”

100 Examples of Genuine Good News in a Mostly Awesome World

We all require joy, hope and optimism. In these darker times, take heart that people care, that kindnesses, innovation and generosity are happening all over the world.

The Men Who Made Me

Teachers and friends, writers and bosses, lovers and heroes –I lovingly remember and honor the gifts you shared.

If a Father Isn’t a Role Model to His Son, Who Is?

A son who cannot emulate the man who was his dad asks searing questions.

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Man and Machine: A Story of Progress

When our children’s children look back through the pages of history decades from now, it won’t read ‘Man vs. Machine’. This story of willpower is a prime example of why.

David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, and the Importance of Personal Heroes

What Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue about David Letterman tells us about the importance of personal heroes.

Hidden Heroes: How a Call to Pizza Hut Saved a Life

This PSA about domestic violence may look like a prank call, but it’s the reason Cheryl Treadway is alive today.

The Quiet but True Heroism of a Strong Role Model That Is You

Superheroes are iconic. But there’s another kind of heroism that’s far less talked about.

Honoring the Hero Within Yourself

Heroes are quite important for people to see and hear. Sometimes, though, the hero bubble gets burst and their humanity appears.

Dinner with a Dude?

You’ve been given the chance to make dinner for a hero. Who’s it going to be?

The Hero’s Journey vs. The Heroine’s Journey: Rewriting Privilege

Nicole Franklin speaks to an illustrator in the comic book genre who believes the true hero’s journey does not discriminate.

What I Want My Kids to Know About 9/11

This week, many parents wondered what to tell their children about the commemorations of the attacks on the World Trade Center of September 11, 2001. One blogger wrote down some pretty compelling talking points.

Why Do Superheroes Need Alter Egos?

On the occasion of Batman’s 75th birthday, Thomas Fiffer explores the duality that defines superheroes.