An Appalachian Saga: The Lost Boys and Girls


Fly me back to Neverland.

An Appalachian Tale: Heroin Hurricane


Small-town America isn’t what it used to be.

Can Medical Marijuana Curb the Heroin Epidemic?


Formerly demonized and later legislated as a Schedule 1 substance, marijuana could diminish the damage wrought by harder drugs, like heroin.

Being Drug Free Shouldn’t be a Requirement to Receive Housing

drug free housing?

The search for social solutions to social problems

I Fell In Love With A Junkie

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 4.13.59 PM

“He held my face to his and told me: ‘I have a history of heroin use, but I’m clean, and I’ve been tested. Are you sure you want to do this?'”

Three Persistent Myths about Heroin use and Overdose Deaths

Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan

Myths matter. Only by a clear understanding of the life course of heroin dependence, and the ways in which the drug kills, can we make evidence-based interventions to help people.

The Politics of Addiction


While we’ve been fighting the War on Drugs, we’ve been leaving drug addicts behind. It’s time to change that. – When I was 21, my best friend died of a drug overdose. As far as his family and friends know, it was the first time he had tried heroin, although some of us knew that […]

Cory Monteith Is Dead, But He’s Not The Only Addict


s.e.smith of xoJane discusses the tragic irony of romanticizing celebrity addiction.

Prayers Dashed: Cory Monteith Died Doped Up and Alone


“Sometimes the demons we fight are stronger and fleeter than we, and outrace our hearts.” Rev. Dr. Neil O’Farrell would like to see more support for addicts everywhere.

Dear John: Deathbed Confession Is Good For Whom, Exactly?


A deathbed confession of a stolen ring, gun-proofing a son’s sleepovers, and a badmouthing ex-wife.

“We’ve forgotten that being heroic doesn’t mean being strong all the time; it can be heroic to cry.”


This is a comment by J.G. te Molder and Lori Ann on the post “Confronting the Superhero Myth”.

Where the F**k Do I Surrender?


A family history of addiction and recovery.

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem


Not every suicide looks like a suicide.

Newsflash: Chubby Children Need to Eat Less Crap

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Jamie Reidy comments on a less-than-earthshattering study on fat kids’ diets.

#1 Witness

Kamber Iraq

What is male goodness? Sometimes, just witnessing the good in others.

27 Years Without a Fix


Ron Tannebaum shares his story of the luxurious wealth and crippling addiction that came with smuggling, dealing, and ultimately abusing cocaine and heroin.