Men Need Other Men in Their Lives!

Elwood Watson on identifying the lack of male friendships in today’s world, and why that needs to change.

10 Examples of Straight Privilege

We still live in a society where straight people have rights, power, and freedom that influence their lives in so many ways. Here are some examples of how straight privilege comes into play.

An Amazing Relationship [Music Video]

When George Michael sings Amazing, who is he singing about?

For Aussie Men, “Orange” is Not the New Bloke

After watching Nick Stevenson’s character, Pete Harper, in Orange is the New Black, David Packman raises the issue of the age-old Aussie male stereotype.

Kansas Legislature Attempts to Legalize Discrimination By Declaring War on Marriage

Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on the limits of tolerance in the context of the Kansas bill that would legalize discrimination against same-sex couples.

What a Wedding Proposal Makes You Realize

Danielle Paradis explains how the relationships we see on television or read in books are intended to provide us with a flight-of-fancy and a suspension of disbelief. The trouble is we forget to turn our reality back on.

Politician and Christian, Kevin Rudd, Out-Bibles a Local Pastor on Marriage Equality

A politician is lead by his faith to support marriage equality

Yes, the Man in the Pony Costume Deserves Your Respect

Believe it or not, liking My Little Pony is effectively fighting the man, brah.

Macklemore’s “Same Love” Wasn’t Written for the Gay Community

Hip-hop’s new pro-gay anthem can be misguided and self-elevating, but it’s also talking acceptance with straight teenaged boys on their own terms.

Ask The Feminist: Is Feminism Like Religion?

HeatherN tackles another set of questions from GMP readers about feminism and the feminist movement.

How We Can Improve Sex Ed for Boys

Justin Cascio talks to Elizabeth Schroeder, executive director of Answer, about why boys are tuning out in sex ed classes, and what they want to know most (but aren’t telling us).

Rap Music as a Safe Space for Hetero-Masculine Love

That most masculine of subcultures, the world of hip hop, ironically provides an acceptable outlet for men to express platonic affection for one another: through rap lyrics.

Indecisive, Slutty, and Closeted: Bisexual Men in 3 Stereotypes

Tobias is everything you expect bi men to be, and then some.

“Gay Tests” – Pass or Fail?

Danny has a few things to say to the creators of the “Gay Test” meme…

Do Gay Men Make Better Bosses?

Does being an out gay man make you a more compassionate boss?

Dear New York Times: Of Course Men Are Manly Enough

Kaleb Blake wades through ‘essentialist crap’ on masculinity in The New York Times’ new roundtable discussion.