Trump University vs. Typical University

Was Trump University a scam?

A Motivational Dad Struggles: How Do I Thrill My Brilliant Son About College?

Bill Douglas is motivational divorced dad who has inspired hundreds. He may be up against his greatest challenge: his son. How can he help the young man he admires most reach his full potential? Oh yeah, and the ex is not exactly helping.

Mr. Hall’s Future Opus – Failure Isn’t Final

Falling from higher education diminishes self-esteem. Author Andy Hall found the life lessons were his saving grace.

On the Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education

A liberal arts education can give students much more than rote skills. It can (and should) give them empathy, a way past themselves, a world imminently more alive.

Cost of Higher Education Contradicts its Purpose

College education has become a necessity in modern America as jobs offering high enough salaries to feasibly sustain a person in our culture become less in number and extremely high in demand.

How Kids Choose Colleges Today

Is your student bewildered by college options? Or does it all boil down to this?

A Dad Asks, “Is College Worth It for My Daughter?”

A dad who wants the best life possible for his daughter looks out on the higher education landscape. Is college still the best answer?

Education Call for Submissions

Introducing The Good Men Project’s newly appointed education editor, Christian M. Lyons, and his call for submissions.

When Everything is Labeled Broken, Do Broken People Ensue?

I gave up hope years ago. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Finish Strong Academically Like a Quarter Miler

Relaxation and sense of purpose, not stress and lost sense of self.

University Courses for Prisoners Could Reduce Re-Offending Rates

Research shows that undertaking courses of higher education while in jail helps prisoners avoid re-offending. So why isn’t this being given high priority?

One College’s Quest to Deconstruct the Man Box

Richmond College is leading the way to obliterate the man box once and for all!

First Gen College Student Transforming Fear Into His Future

Kevin Wright has already blazed an academic trail within his family. Now he aspires to become a university president and fight for fair educational access so others may do the same.

Punishing Creativity

Our education culture suffers from a desire to standardize and censor.

My Name is David Heller, Class of 2018, The College of New Jersey, and I Want to Tell You, “Nothing Is Impossible”

I want other people to know that young men with Down Syndrome are just like other guys. We have the same kind of hopes and dreams.