The Hijab, Feminism, and Globalization


Angelus Morningstar discusses the many problems with a ban on Islamic religious clothing.

Meet a Muslim Person (Video)

meet a muslim, friendship, smiles

Adam, Sheikh, and Abdullah of TrueStoryASA bring us another video to spread smiles when they stand on a busy street with a sign that reads, “Meet a Muslim Person.”

Father Unsettled by Kid Hanging Out with Other White Kids


Son’s First Racial Stirrings Cause Dad to Reflect on his Whiteness

Hoodies, Hijab and Homicide

Screen Shot 2012-03-24 at 11.07.03 PM

32 year-old mother Shaima Alawadi, beaten with a tire iron in her San Diego home, died today. A note in her home read, “Go back to your country, terrorist.”