Raising Courageous Children

Boy Jumping

So how do we cultivate courage in our children, so they will stay true to their hearts when the rest of society tells them otherwise?

Therapy Through Nature

nature therapy

When the darkness of negative emotions hangs heavy, there are few things that lift those clouds better than getting out into nature.

Deck the Halls with Parasites and Invasive Species


Give your family a winter mood boost by going into nature and collecting your own holiday flora

Sporting Goods: An Alternative Gift Guide


A different approach on gift giving for the outdoorsman

The Path To Infinity And Beyond, With My Son


John Patrick Weiss on how a children’s film inspired him to make time for loved ones.

Going Downhill With My Father

umpqua trail

For Mike Copperman, a family hike turned into a realization of the roles he and his father share in each other’s lives.

“The Season of Rain is Coming. Hold out Your Hand.”

Rain VinothChandar:Flickr

The right gear and the right attitude help prepare you for the season of fall doldrums.

The Moral Dilemma of Not Hunting

hunting, omnivore

When I returned to meat eating after a stint of vegetarianism, I discovered a growing urge to know where my food came from.

Guyhood Call for Submissions: Get Outside, Because “Out is In”

nature, hiking, backpacking

July is National Parks and Recreation Month and Henry David Thoreau’s birthday. GMP wants your stories about outdoor adventures, misadventures, and everything in between.

This Guy Killed His Father So His Kids Can Kill Him!

This Guy Killed his Father © Stranger:Flickr

A dad’s advice can be confusing and inspiring. Find out why self-reliance was only achievable after the son “killed” his father.

Guide On the Side: Helping My Friend With Visual Impairment Achieve the Boston Dream

Providence Marathon, Boston Marathon, qualification, visual impairment

I knew what he had done to live a healthy, full life with blindness, and I had seen how he climbed whatever mountain was in front of him. It was now Randy’s time to lean on me, and he did.

The Spark Is There, Our Job Is To Ignite It

boys, nature, white pine, hiking, blue hill science centre, boston, wildlife, neil hill, dan szczesny, healing, learning,

Dan Szczesny sees kids who are in awe of nature from the very start, and does all he can to ignite that passion rather than dampen it.

Touching an Ice Age on the Road to Valdez

The Worthington Glacier from the road

Dan Szczesny continues his Alaskan search for discovery by hiking into a glacier.

We Climb, It’s What We Do

Dan and Janelle celebrate atop North Baldface Mountain.

An Excerpt from The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie: A Hiking Journey through New Hampshire’s 52 With a View Mountain List

The Next Life [Book Excerpt: 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared]


My brother Bret started the next life at forty, when he departed from this world by suicide.

Love Letter Lost


Years later, Thomas Fiffer can recall every aspect of the letter he wrote to her—how he felt, the way his “e’s” curled—everything except for the words.