In Attacking Charters, Hillary Clinton Reverses Course on School Choice – and Turns Her Back On Many Black Supporters

Siding with teachers unions over charter schools is bad news for many minority students… and bad news for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, writes Cynthia Tucker Haynes.

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2016: The weirdest presidential election ever?

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Tuesday’s debate shows that despite all the media claims to the contrary Hillary Clinton is still easily winning the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Understanding the Sanders Revolution

To understand the importance of tonight’s debate, you must first recognize the significance of the Sanders campaign itself.

#BlackLivesMatter And The Myth Of A Post Racial America

Blacks are presumed to be up to no good, to be no good. We need to insist “black lives matter,” to organize around it, because this society provides proof on a daily basis that for it, for many, blacks don’t.

A Democratic Race Without Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton doesn’t become the Democratic presidential nominee next year, who could replace her?

China, Donald Trump, And Who Will Win In 2016

In trying to predict which party will win the White House next year feel free to ignore the gaffes and just focus on the economy.

Bernie Sanders Still Isn’t Winning

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Should Barack Obama’s vice president seek a White House term of his own?

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Hillary Clinton has a rape culture problem… and her supporters need to ask the right questions.

What Bill Cosby Means for Hillary Clinton

If the rape allegations against Bill Clinton are true, Hillary Clinton needs to get on them right now.

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