Hooray for Jim Webb


The former Democratic Senator from Virginia has officially announced he’s running for president, Democrats should applaud.

The Liberal Savior Complex


If Democrats keep searching for a messiah to lead them to the political promised land, they’ll be perpetually disappointed.

Bring On the GOP Brawl


A negative and drawn out campaign won’t damage the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

LGBT Equality and the 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates


In preparation for 2016, a rundown of the LGBT equality platform from the 2012 GOP Presidential hopefuls

Don’t Believe The Hype, Mitt Romney Edition


Mitt Romney is not going to be president.

What Ferguson Means For Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the events in Ferguson show that she’s running for president. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she will do a lot to tackle the issue of racial justice.

Hillary The Hawk?

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton recently outlined sharp differences between the Obama Administration’s approach to foreign policy and what her own might look like.

Are The Democrats Unified After All?


Compared to their past, the Democrats of today are remarkably united.

How Far Should International L.G.B.T. Rights Go?

Pride London Parade, July 2011

L.G.B.T. people have become ‘The Canaries in the Mine Shaft’ for global human rights.

Liberals Should Want Someone To Run Against Hillary


If liberals want their policy preferences respected they should work to get more people in the presidential race.

1996: Guyhood … the Early Years (Part 1)

Betty Rubble, Flintstones, vitamins, 1996, Flintstones vitamins

While you chewed your Betty Rubble vitamin, what else happened in 1996?

For Clues About 2016, Ignore The Polls And Follow CPAC

Rand Paul

Polling about the 2016 presidential race doesn’t mean much right now, but that doesn’t mean the invisible primary isn’t going on as we speak.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Compares Ukraine To, You Guessed It, Benghazi

Lindsay Graham

You have to admire his devotion.

Ted Nugent’s Jailbait Problem

AP Photo

Nugent has had sex with teens, writes songs about raping tweens and somehow still campaigns with ‘family values’ candidates.

Can We Please Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton?


The coverage of Hillary’s every move is a perfect example of the 24/7 news cycle at work.

What Is Hillary Running On Anyway?


It remains to be seen what issues Hillary Clinton’s campaign will stress on the road to 2016.