I’m Losing Faith in American Democracy

Yard signs proclaiming “Everyone Sucks – 2016” are selling out fast. Will this be the go-to rally cry of our presidential election?

For My Son’s Future: Why #ImwithHer > #FeeltheBern

Kara Post-Kennedy doesn’t want to explain to her son why a racist, misogynistic, lying, bullying tyrant will be the leader of the free world.

America and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election

It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad election. So we’re moving to Australia.

Clinton and Trump are Examples of a Country not Worth Saving

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both be detrimental to our nation.

The Sport of Politics for a Stubborn Dude Seeking Love

As we near the end of the presidential primary season, Andy Hall reflects on the sport of politics in his family.

Why Concern About Race Relations Has Jumped – For Whites And Blacks?

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men why more Black and White Americans are concerned about race

Money Talks And That Starts With Your Vote

Stop voting for politicians and start voting with your dollars.

Why Clinton Supporters Must Rally Behind Sanders

I’m speaking as a man who believes in the Democratic Party.

Tuition in Wonderland: Higher Education Funding in Europe and the United States

When Kurt Ellenberger first arrived in Austria to study European jazz, he was impressed with socialized education; upon further inspection, Ellenberger finds some reason for skepticism.

While GOP Men Attack Wives, Gossip and Hit Below the Belt, Clinton Lays Out a Trump Zinger

She hits him where it hurts — in the ideology. On women who exercise their reproductive rights, “they should be punished,” he said.

Assassin’s Cry Unity: The Approach to (Maybe) Voting for Hillary Clinton

“When millions of people of people stand up and fight, they win!” — Bernie Sanders

Trump Supporters Aren’t Stupid

America incentivizes racism in working class white people, and if we fail to understand this, we will fail to fix it.