1996: Guyhood … the Early Years (Part 1)

Betty Rubble, Flintstones, vitamins, 1996, Flintstones vitamins

While you chewed your Betty Rubble vitamin, what else happened in 1996?

For Clues About 2016, Ignore The Polls And Follow CPAC

Rand Paul

Polling about the 2016 presidential race doesn’t mean much right now, but that doesn’t mean the invisible primary isn’t going on as we speak.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Compares Ukraine To, You Guessed It, Benghazi

Lindsay Graham

You have to admire his devotion.

Ted Nugent’s Jailbait Problem

AP Photo

Nugent has had sex with teens, writes songs about raping tweens and somehow still campaigns with ‘family values’ candidates.

Can We Please Stop Talking About Hillary Clinton?


The coverage of Hillary’s every move is a perfect example of the 24/7 news cycle at work.

What Is Hillary Running On Anyway?


It remains to be seen what issues Hillary Clinton’s campaign will stress on the road to 2016.

Hillary’s Big Win


Don’t look now but the Hillary 2016 campaign is picking up major steam.

“A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink” Also Shapes Modern Manhood


One in three American women are living at or near the brink of poverty. This has tremendous consequences for men as well.

The Boys’ Club and Sexism in Politics

warren and pelosi

Sexism in politics is not a Republican problem—it’s everybody’s problem.

Why Women Need to Challenge Men in Healthy Ways

military couple

Iraq War veteran Michael Anthony believes women should challenge men, not coddle them.

Tuesday’s Election Tells us Nothing About 2014


Ignore all those pundits telling you that the 2013 elections tell you something about 2014 or beyond.

A President Hillary Won’t end Washington Gridlock


Washington is gridlocked because of very real structural reasons. More salesmanship or a new president won’t change that.

29 Million Slaves


The inaugural Global Slavery Index by Walk Free revealed that there are more slaves than previous estimates suggested.

Hillary’s Ghosts of Campaigns Past


Less than a year after Hillary Clinton left her position as Secretary of State, many of the trends that derailed her campaign for the White House in 2008 are reemerging.

Infidelity and Powerful Men

Weiner-Abedin 2013_08_13 zennie62

What the Anthony Weiner scandal teaches us about cheating and power dynamics between the sexes in America.

The Problem with Hillary Fever


Hillary is a likely 2016 nominee for the Democrats. But a nomination cakewalk is the last thing they should want.