Trump Isn’t Goldwater… He Might Win

Matthew Rozsa discusses why Donald Trump, unlike previous radical right-wingers like Barry Goldwater, could actually win this election.

Delegates Meet Destiny in Cleveland

After Brexit, we know that current voter outrage can produce shocking results. Here’s hoping then, that RNC delegates vote their conscience in Cleveland, and dump Trump.

The Last Days of a White Supremacist Nation

The systemic injustice of white supremacy is cracking and crumbling. But we’re throwing our energies into the wrong places, and Mike Sliwa explains how.

4 Ways Trump Has Already Helped America

I’ve written some pretty negative things about Trump in the past. This time, I have decided to focus on the positives of his campaign!

What the Orlando Shooting Means for the Future of Our Country

The tragedy in Orlando has turned into a political stepping stone with many of our leaders are portraying themselves as nothing but shills to a party line.

A Call to Courage

#FeeltheBern & #NeverTrump have a shared interest: they both demand the American people be given something better than a choice between two unfit candidates for the most important job… in the world.

The Question America Doesn’t Ask Itself After Tragedies Like Orlando

What’s our message?: After the Orlando shooting, America must define and distribute widely its message in order to combat self-radicalization.

A Dad’s Awe and Wonderment as a History is Made and a Glass Ceiling Shatters

Anthony Romeo is a new dad who is proud that his baby boy will be growing up in a world where the idea of a woman running for President will no longer be a historic event.

A Presidential Hill-Billy Junction

If Hillary wins and Bill is active in her administration (and there’s no way he won’t be), that makes it a Hill-Billy presidency.

Dear Bernie. Love, Those Who Need You

Bernie can take his seat at that table. It is a good seat. But he has to do it now. Let’s #HarnessTheBern

Optimism or Armageddon? Politics and Social Change, a Call for Submissions

Is there a conversation more important than the one about how the current political situation could impact all of our lives? An urgent Call for Submissions (and special class) from The Good Men Project.

How Gary Johnson Can Win My Liberal Vote

Matthew Rozsa is a Bernie Sanders supporter who is willing to consider Gary Johnson.

I’m Losing Faith in American Democracy

Yard signs proclaiming “Everyone Sucks – 2016” are selling out fast. Will this be the go-to rally cry of our presidential election?

For My Son’s Future: Why #ImwithHer > #FeeltheBern

Kara Post-Kennedy doesn’t want to explain to her son why a racist, misogynistic, lying, bullying tyrant will be the leader of the free world.

America and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election

It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad election. So we’re moving to Australia.

Clinton and Trump are Examples of a Country not Worth Saving

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both be detrimental to our nation.