When are You Going to Cut Your Hair?

I’ll cut my hair when the hair when the war is over

Here Comes the Night: Death in the 60s

Jesse Kornbluth reflects on the inevitability (or not) of death with humor and grace.

Marijuana: 4/20

What does marijuana mean to you?

Ten Things I’ve Learned from Eco-Cars

Shaun Chatman bought a green vehicle and thinks you should, too.

The Four Types of Men: Part III – The Monk

The Monk is the archetype closest to achieving what we understand as Enlightenment, and every one of us who wishes to reach this place of spiritual peace must access our own Monk to find calm, discipline, and love.

Scared Straight

Steve Jaeger lives to tell a tale of hitchhiking in the Age of Aquarius.

Not Shaving Face

My head has been victorious since the day I stopped shaving the front of it.

Stay Away from Our Store, Hippies!

I’d been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest JCrew catalog for the past few weeks. I couldn’t wait to see the season’s newest threads. With my copy yet to arrive, I was shocked to find out, from Slate, that a hippie has infiltrated the walls of the American institution that is the JCrew catalog. […]