Oh You Bearded Wonder, You!

Oh You Bearded by istolethetv

Adiba Nelson says go ahead and lose the hipsters. But please, keep the beard.

Stivers Cartoons: The Hip Surgeon


A Mark Stivers original cartoon.

The Lie of Heroes: How Kerouac Almost Killed Me


By trying to follow in his literary hero’s footsteps, Jarad Dewing learned that not all heroes are what they seem.

I’m a Boy Who Likes Boy Bands

One Direction

Masculinity isn’t diminished by taste, nor defined by it—so why can’t real men dig pop music?

There’s No Insincerity In Irony

---Photo stevendepolo/Flickr

Charles Emrich defends irony from its detractors. Sincerely.

Legitimate Crepes: On the Use of Irony


Irony doesn’t always have the intended effect.

Man Up / Man Down


Hipster Sexism doesn’t serve humanity any better than the Classic variety.

On Marriage: The Great Husband Tryouts


The old gals were all married. There were online photos albums attesting to this fact. Some of them even had babies!

Five Comedy Videos You Need to Watch


Oliver Lee Bateman explains why four somewhat overlooked sketches are rip-roaringly funny and why one very famous Andy Samberg digital short isn’t.

Julian Assange’s Body Double Works For Free

Phil Keenan looks like fellow Australian Julian Assange

When people think they’ve seen me before, it’s because they think I’m Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

The Hip Coffeehouse: A Blueprint

coffee shop

Interested in opening one of those hip coffee shops you’re never invited to? Here’s how to do it.

Waxing Whiskers

World Beard and Moustache Championship

Andrew Amundson is a man who dares to celebrate his follicular independence.

In Defense of Hipsters


What’s so awful about being a hipster? Noah Brand looks into the issue.

Hipster Racism and the Quest for Sincerity

hipster racism 2

The discussion over hipster racism, which is trending right to the top of the Internet, is pretty darn hip. But what is it really about?

Can Hipsters Be Racists, Too?

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 5.58.13 PM

Joanna Schroeder wants us to face the truth about the type of prejudices we all carry inside of ourselves, and try to figure out how to combat them.

Hi, My Name Is Tom and I Can’t Put Down My Blackberry


Tom Matlack has a problem: he’s addicted to technology and social media.