Mickey Mantle: Inside and Outside the Lines

The Last Boy by Jane Leavy, a recent book on Mickey Mantle doesn’t pull punches about getting into the more salacious aspects of the slugger’s life.

JFK’s 10 Best Speeches

These speeches from one of America’s greatest Presidents remind us how great leaders can inspire us.

A Dad’s Awe and Wonderment as a History is Made and a Glass Ceiling Shatters

Anthony Romeo is a new dad who is proud that his baby boy will be growing up in a world where the idea of a woman running for President will no longer be a historic event.

Dear Stupid Young People of the Entitled Generation, Absorb This!

A word of advice to the younger generation…from all older generations (and then some).

In Defense of Andrew Jackson, Sort of

A man reflects on the complicated life of President Andrew Jackson.

The Most Important School Subject? How About History

Schools should recognize their purpose is not solely to turn out good, little “workers;” their mission is to give young people the knowledge and wisdom to thrive as humans.

Viking Invaders Struck Deep Into the West of England – and may Have Stuck Around

There’s something in the water.

An Instrument that Remade Jazz, Rock, Soul and R&B.

What would your favorite songs be without this?

Faces of Change: On History, America, and the 20 Dollar Bill

America is set to have a new face on the $20 bill, but the fight to make it happen rests largely on the shoulders of one person.

Call for Submissions: The Man Who Changed My Life

Has there been someone who has altered your course?

Van Gogh Comes to Life

Vincent Van Gogh created some of the most distinct, enduring images ever: sunflowers, starry nights, painfully honest self-portraits. Now, you’re about to see them in a completely new way.

Lengths of the World’s Rivers and Heights of the Mountains

Could this have been a geography exam cheat sheet?

History’s Take on Supreme Court Nominees

What two legal scholars learned from studying 70 years of Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Touching the Past: Why is History Important?

Dr. Alun Withey on the tangible effects of history and why he finds it so interesting.

Don’t Call Me Prisoner, My Name is Richard

What was it like to be a Japanese American living in a “relocation center” (aka concentration camp) during WWII? This is Richard’s story.

Who Politicized the Environment and Climate Change?

Looking back to a time when protecting our environment wasn’t a bipartisan issue, what went wrong?