Appreciating the Doctor in Early Modern Britain

What was the position of the practicing doctor within the seventeenth-century community?

‘Weird’ Remedies and the Problem of ‘Folklore’

The term “folklore” may be keeping us from some very important treatment discoveries.

Every Breath Khary Jackson Takes Twists Your Heart

“I watched you try to stop this wagon with nothing but your will.”

Innovation and Shaving According to History

Shaving has a much more interesting history than you may think.

Uncle Austin and the Case of the Faked Seances

Dr. Alun Withey explores the mystery of Uncle Austin.

Throwback Thursday: Was Jefferson Our Most Important Founding Father?

Did he articulate the principles, that we collectively hold dear, the best?

The Mystery Of ‘Sansom Jones’ – The Phantom Welsh Doctor

Who was Sansom Jones? Dr. Alun Withey wants to set the record straight.

Unpacking the ‘Eccentric’ in Popular Memory

Sometimes, we need to look beyond the simple description or reminiscence and try and unpack the social context of the ‘other’ in society.

America’s History of Discrimination: A Tutorial for Nikki Haley

Governor Nikki Haley mistakenly assumed that America does not have a history of racist policy. Warren Blumenfeld wants to set the record straight.

How Gay Love Has Existed Through Out History

Think gay couples are a modern invention? Think again.

The Early Modern ‘Sickie’

Have modern men become any lazier than our ancestors? Alun Withey thinks not.

The MLK Song All Our Sons Need to Sing Today

Having kids understand the significance of Martin Luther King is a desire of many parents. Here is a great song that helps that endeavor. Teach it to your sons today.

‘Sick Roles’ Past and Present – The Sick Must Act Sick

The fact is that sickness has always been a topic of conversation, and the similarities between us and our early modern contemporaries continues to astonish me.

One Man and His Eye Treatments – 17th-Century Style

If you get nervous about going to the eye doctor, just be thankful that things have come a long way since the early days of optometry.

This ‘History Hero’ is a Man You’ve Never Heard of

Dr. Alun Withey on an unlikely hero who rebelled against the system.

Germany’s Official Remembrance Policy of the Holocaust

If you are looking for an example of how even the uncomfortable parts of history should be acknowledged, look no further.