Man’s Search for Meaning


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a concentration camp memoir, and leaves with an important message from Viktor Frankl.

Zamperini and Me


John Espinosa Nelson is not one to name drop unless it happens to be Louis Zamperini, the subject of the award winning biography “Unbroken.”

Ukraine isn’t the Czech Crisis of 1938, but There are Lessons to Learn from History


Nowadays, the threat of military retaliation has lost credibility, and diplomatic arm wrestling can only rely on the threat of economic warfare.

Smoke and Mirrors Are An Olympic Tradition


Tony Bucci puts the Sochi Games in context.

‘The Monuments Men': Is Art Worth Dying For?


Clooney’s film focuses on a different kind of war tragedy, and its central question is just as valid during peacetime.

Never Again—Now, More Than Ever—And If Not Now, When?

Never Again Now More by Unknown

Really, Ben? Nazis? Again? A scathing rebuke to Fox Commentator Ben Carson’s rant about the ‘secular progressive movement.’

My Cousin: The “U-Boat” Who Survived Nazi Horrors


Warren Blumenfeld’s cousin was more than a Holocaust survivor, he was a good man.

“Would You Kill Hitler?” And Other Important Questions of Manhood

Would You Kill Hitler photo wikipedia and grunge effects

Killing. Purpose. Time travel. What do these things have in common? The answer: manliness.

Greek National Soccer Team Bans Player For Life After Nazi Salute

greek soccer

Giorgos Katidis, the Greek soccer player who celebrated a goal Saturday by giving the crowd at Athens’ Olympic Stadium the Nazi salute, has been banned for life from playing on Greece’s national team by the country’s soccer federation.

New Research Indicates the Holocaust Was Even Worse Than We Thought


The new research is completely changing our understanding of the Holocaust.

Sir Nicholas Winton: The Man Who Saved 669 Jewish Children From Hitler

nicholas winton2

Sir Nicholas Winton has been called “one of the greatest humanitarians of out time,” for his heroic efforts to save the children of Czechoslovakia from Hitler’s Nazi invasion.

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Explains Why President Obama is Not a “Tyrannical Dictator”

jon stewart_GMP (588x401)

Stewart says, “Looks like a tyrant is anyone sworn to protect the constitution that you didn’t vote for.”

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die (in No Particular Order)


From ‘Cop Land’—who knew Stallone could act?—to the original ‘Postman Always Rings Twice,’ Steve Jaeger on why these are movies worth watching.

What Does Male Evil Look Like?


I keep coming back to the question of men who just want to watch the world burn.

The Good Mind Project: Absurd Implications of Godwin’s Law


So you’ve decided to invoke Godwin’s Law during an Internet flame war, huh? Nathan Zimmerman explains why you need to think twice about that.

10 Transcendent Olympic Moments

Screen Shot 2012-07-26 at 10.04.03 PM

Sport, like art, has the ability to lift us out of our mundane lives. In that spirit, Liam Day offers 10 moments of transcendent Olympic moments.