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HIV ‘test and treat’ strategy can save lives – but it needs to be easier for patients to start treatment.

How Stigma can Stymie Nigeria’s Efforts to Extend HIV Treatment

Campaigns like the Lagos AIDS Walk have created awareness of HIV in Nigeria’s capital, but they are lacking in rural areas, where stigmatization is rife.

Ronald Reagan’s Legacy of Poverty and Death

How a President’s legacy will forever be tainted by his lethal beliefs.

AIDS: How Far the World has Come and How Far it Needs to go to Get to Zero

Foundation essay: Our foundation essays are longer than usual and take a wider look at key issues affecting society.

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Anthony Carter explores the personal costs and gains for gay men who wait until they are older to “come out.”

Macaroni N Cheese

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A Gay Dad’s Letter to the Slain Matthew Shepard

Many remember the horror of seeing Matthew Shepard crucified on a cold Wyoming plain 18 years ago. Here is a letter to the slain Matthew from a gay dad of today. If you don’t know Matthew, or even if you think you do, you need to read this. — This week, Matthew Shepard, had he […]

The Shamefull Presidency of Ronald Reagan: When They Thought AIDS Was Funny

A new short video demonstrates what a travesty the Reagan Administration was in terms of dealing with the AIDS Crisis. As victims died — they laughed.

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