My Wife Tells Me 10 Things I Do That Make Her Happy

Life Is Fleeting

Steven Lake interviews his wife to find out what he does that makes her happy. There were some surprises.

Patriotism Is Perplexing

flag copy

  Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that patriotism isn’t just red, white and blue or merely black and white, either. This Independence Day holiday has been unique for me. For the first time in a while, I’ve considered how perplexing patriotism can be. For the past few years I sat along the Charles River on the Cambridge […]

11 Ways St. Patrick’s Day Is Different With Kids

11 Ways St. Patrick's Day Is Different With Kids

Chris Bernholdt recalls the wild pub adventures of his youth and notes how being a dad has forever changed how he experiences March 17th

Confused By Valentine’s Day? Not as Much as This Little Boy

valentine, valentines, day, gift, card, present, kids, girls, boys, school, friends, classmate

This little boy had never received a valentine from a classmate, and when it happened he had no idea what hit him.

A Lifetime of Gifts Change Everything

Distant Horizon by Orin J. Hahn

Orin J.Hahn has some advice on gifts this holiday.

Merry Amazon Box Day!

cat in a box

JJ Vincent loves being able to have the holidays delivered in discrete, brown-and-black striped boxes.

3 Shades of the Holiday Man: Grinch, Grouch & Grateful


Joe Rutland on holiday blues and how to beat them.

Top 7 Most Admirable Father Figures from Christmas Stories

it's a wonderful life, george bailey, jimmy stewart, zuzu

From Bob Cratchit to George Bailley, who are the best father figures from Christmas movies and literature?

A Mother, A Son, A Metal Christmas Tree

sincerest tree

It’s not the tree that matters. It’s the memories.

The Great Holiday Gift Debate: Do Shirts Count?

holiday, gifts, presents

Should holiday gifts to our children be the things they want or the things they need? Larry Bernstein wants to know.

Have Yourself A Tacky Christmas: Holiday Guns!

gun cover art

You got a better Christmas gift idea? Take your best shot.

A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Dads & Families Holiday Gift Guide

xmas, christmas, holiday, gifts, presents, wrapping

Christmas is next week, and you have shopping to do. I’ve got some suggestions.

Forget “Blurred Lines”–You Know You Want Mulled Wines


Jarad Dewing helps you add a dash of class to your holidays with this easy spiced wine recipe.

Kid Signing Holiday Concert is Full of Awesome – Video

koda, deaf, holiday, christmas, concert, video, show, kids, kindergarten, christmas, holiday

There are few things as cute as a kindergarten holiday concert, but this little girl found a way to take it up a notch.

The Question Is…. What Was Your Most Memorable Work Holiday Party?


Mine isn’t a tale of reckless debauchery, but it was one of the rare occasions where my nominal gifts actually managed to impress people rather than alienate them. Hopefully yours are a lot less boring.

Why Men Don’t Like Decorating for the Holidays


In all the ways decorating can feel feminine, men can feel inadequate