How to Be a Divorced Dad Who Thrives During the Holidays

Single dad Scott Biggs loves the holidays. This year he is making the best of them with time with his kids, and time for himself

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Change Your Being By Using Your Calendar

It’s officially November and now begins the obstacle course of holidays, parties, family, shopping, too much alcohol and way too much food! Our health always seems to take a back seat during the “giving” season. This year, it’s time to give to yourself before you start giving to others. Here are the 3 steps to keep your mind and body in tip top shape even when the masses are practicing their gluttonous ways.

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Overcoming triggers and relearning the healing power of giving.

Pause…to Feel Life Whizzing By

We plan. We do. We plan. We do. Now, Mike Iamele is taking some time to watch, and suggests we do the same.

All About the Holidays

A number of writers familiar and new wrote for The Good Men Project this year. Here’s a roundup of some of their contributions.