3 Alternatives to Giving Gifts

If you continually give gifts that fall flat, maybe it’s time for some alternatives.

How Do You Say “Pecan”?

It’s a polarizing debate, how do you say “Pecan?” It likely depends on what part of the world you’re from. — It’s National Pecan Day and we just wanted to find out how you say this polarizing word, “Pecan?” Take some time, review your accent, and lay it on us! — Photo credit: YouTube

Craft Beer Has Taken The Country By Storm

Craft Beer seemed to get off to a slow start, but once it took off, it never looked back. — The first time I had a beer that wasn’t sold to a mass market I wondered what the big deal was. It tasted like any other beer. But then I refined my pallet and realized […]

National Beer Day Heads Up!

There are some days I don’t understand, and some days that I didn’t know existed. Then there is National Beer Day. — I’ve seen several of this guy’s videos and he’s always got an interesting take on things. I only hope that we can give you much more of a proper warning than he got […]

It’s National Alcohol Screening Day!

It’s National Alcohol Screening Day as well as National Beer Day, we figured we’d start off with safety. — I support having a good time but I also support doing it within the law and within your own level of responsibility. We will have a series of posts today about National Beer Day, but it […]

When A Straight Teen Asked His Gay Friend To Prom

Prom night is about warming hearts and strengthening relationships when you get down to the brass tacks. These folks accomplished the goal.

Every Dude Has A Secret, Some Are Just More Arbitrary

Some secrets warrant hiding from everyone, others are worth sharing. Which I guess makes them not secrets at all. Prom is a weird thing. — The first time I tried to tie a tie I ended up with a big ball of silk that was wrinkled and worthless. It took me about three years, but […]

Guys vs. Girls: Prom Night!

It’s National Prom Day! That means it’s time for the yearly challenge that I’ve never heard of, Guys vs. Girls! — When I was getting ready for prom night all I could think about was how my girlfriend and I had broken up a few months before. We’d been together for almost two years and […]

A Dad Who Takes Prom Pictures Is The Real Deal

There are dads who are willing to sit in the stands and watch their children walk down the aisle, then there are dads who just aren’t satisfied with being a spectator. — Usually I try and give an intro to these videos, but this one just seems to speak for itself. I got nothing. — […]

The Disney Proposal, What Else Can You Say?

National Prom Day has been an adventure in finding great prom proposals, this might take the cake for prom day. — The last video was impressive, but for the last prom day proposal video I think this is the king. If I could play the violin (maybe it’s a viola–you can correct me in the […]

What Happens When the Dads Have to Do the Easter Egg Hunting

The kids weren’t into it, so in this family… the dads go on the hunt!

The Best Beer Whiskey Chocolate Covered Raisin Cocktail Ever!

What’s better than a chocolate covered raisin? A beer-whiskey-chocolate-covered-raisin cocktail, that’s what. — I’m not much of a chocolate covered raisin guy, but you put beer, whiskey, and chocolate covered raisins into a cocktail and I’ll drink it until I go into a beer-whiskey-chocolate-covered-raisin coma. (Oh, and that bit about not liking chocolate covered raisins, […]

Happy Chocolate Covered Raisin Day!

Chocolate-Covered Raisin Day? Yup, it’s a real thing. And we’re glad it is. — There are some holidays that make you wonder who in their right mind would have declared a holiday. Then there are days where you should wonder that but you realize the thing you’re celebrating is just too damn good to worry […]

25 Little Known Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

There’s nothing wrong with figuring out some really interesting facts about your favorite holiday. Here are 25 little-known facts about St. Patrick’s Day. — This is the best way to school your friends while you’re out tonight sharing a pint of green beer. Hit them with 25 little-known facts about St. Patrick’s Day and see […]

The History of Saint Patrick – a Short Story

The history of Saint Patrick is a little different than you might have imagined. Or maybe you’ve never thought about it, but now you can know is three easy minutes.  — I have never given much thought to the history of Saint Patrick or a holiday named after him that has become synonymous with partying […]

St Patrick’s Day Songs 2016 – Irish Songs – Part 1

There’s nothing better than celebrating a holiday (St. Patrick’s Day in this case) with traditional music, U2 isn’t necessarily traditional Irish music so we included the following video. — Holiday’s make us think about wonderful memories and time with friends and family. For me, St. Patrick’s Day brings back a lot of memories, many of […]