How to Help Kids Bounce Back When Parents Divorce

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Divorce is tough on kids. Beth Cone Kramer offers 11 ways to help keep your kids emotionally healthy.

Stop Assuming Guys Hate Valentine’s Day

guys on valentines day

This is barely even a holiday. What is there to hate?

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Single Dad


Through Facebook, a single Dad gets some handy ideas for what he should receive on the upcoming Holiday.

Present for the Holidays


Overcoming triggers and relearning the healing power of giving.

Pause…to Feel Life Whizzing By


We plan. We do. We plan. We do. Now, Mike Iamele is taking some time to watch, and suggests we do the same.

All About the Holidays


A number of writers familiar and new wrote for The Good Men Project this year. Here’s a roundup of some of their contributions.

My Jewish Family’s Christmas Tradition—German Pancake

German Pancake

Many Jewish families have their own special Christmas traditions. Thomas Fiffer remembers—and recreates—his mother’s German Pancake.

100 Words on Love: The Christmases I Lost

Henry xmas photos

I lost a few Christmases. They went and they loped off like a spooked deer.

Rudolph’s Dad Is a Jerk: What My Daughter Taught Me About Modern Christmas


Jim Gray watches his all-time favorite Christmas Special with his daughter, and is taken aback by her insightfulness. When did things change?

One Retail Worker’s View of Christmas

shopping-steven depolo

Has this Holiday season got you down? Do you feel that everyone around you has lost the true Christmas spirit? You’re not alone.

A Few Well-Timed Words on Giving

A few well timed by Kim Alaniz

Many people find the pressure of the giving season overwhelming. Thomas Fiffer offers a balanced perspective on generosity.

A Chaotic Christmas: One Family’s Tradition

christmas chaos

A fire house packed full of relatives and friends is a recipe for good memories, no matter how random things become!

The Great Santa Debate: Do You Tell Your Child about Santa Claus?

The Great Santa Debate: Do You Tell Your Child about Santa Claus?

Jim Mondry found himself talking with another father about how were going to tell their kids about Santa Claus and realized they had very different takes on the subject.

The One Person You’re Forgetting About This Holiday Season

gift to yourself

Mike Iamele wants to remind you to give someone special a gift this year…and it doesn’t cost a thing. Seriously.

Working Over the Holidays? You’re Not Alone

work on christmas

Christmas used to constitute a well-earned, end-of-year break. But increasingly, work is taking over.

Got Family Holiday Chaos? 5 Easy Ways to Save Your Sanity

dubious Santa

Feeling triggered by family this holiday season? Here are five ways to carve out the sanity you deserve.