The Blood Of The Innocent

Embed from Getty Images Fiction by Steve Jaeger, based on actual events that took place in France in 1944. — At fifteen, Gaspar Fournier had as much military experience as any of his fellow Marquis. Very few people even knew Gaspar by his real name. To most people he was known as Le Bec. He […]

The Shiksa Paradox, Do Parents Know Best?

“We think it’s best if you only dated Jewish girls.” Um Really?

Not All is Lost: A Letter of Gratitude and Remembrance

Warren Blumenfeld writes a letter to his Polish Great-Grandparents and reflects on his journey of being Jewish and gay.

Germany’s Official Remembrance Policy of the Holocaust

If you are looking for an example of how even the uncomfortable parts of history should be acknowledged, look no further.

Lest We Never Forget: My Grandfather’s Holocaust Story

Tamar Shtrambrand’s grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust, and she will never forget that.

How I Discovered Hate in Plain Sight on a Popular Sculpture

Matt Sweetwood’s son in law was thrilled to give a tour of the lakeside. The art that adorned it had a nasty surprise for both men however. Tucked in its artistry were words that bore into Sweetwood’s soul.

How a Pacifist Teacher Prepares His Students for War

Endless occupations, big government, and the imperial theme—not easy topics for high schoolers. Teacher Jeremy McKeen shares his wish for his grown-up students off at war.

Alexander Białywłos-White: A True Mensch & Tzadik

Dr. Białywłos-White survived the horrors of the Holocaust, and became a Doctor in the U.S.- Years later, a reflection on his life.

Why I Empathize with Jessa Duggar…and Why Empathy Can Revolutionize the Internet

“Empathy and good feelings can make the Internet a better and safer place for everyone,” writes N.C. Harrison.

When There are no More Holocaust Survivors

None of us know life without living, breathing Holocaust survivors.

The Dirty Business of Prison Sterilization

Adam Dyer talks about some truly barbaric and archaic practices in todays prison system.

Nearly 70 Years Later, 20 Nazi Concentration Camp Guards are Being Brought to Justice

German war crime investigators have located roughly 20 former guards of the Majdanek death camp who could face accessory to murder charges by federal prosecutors.

Tal Fortgang, Privilege and Unintended Ironies

Community College instructor Gint Aras responds to Tal Fortgang’s dismissal of his white privilege.

How I Taught a Gentile About the Holocaust

On Holocaust Rememberance Day 2014, Andy Schulkind thinks it’s important to never forget.

Face to Face with Sexism in Brooklyn

Nathan Zimmerman decided to confront sexism head-on…and got thrown out of a bar for his trouble.

Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld explains the importance of holding corporations responsible for their participation in past atrocities.