Gays vs Christians, Bill O’Reilly and Pat Robertson

Justin was raised in a conservative evangelical culture, and around the time he reached puberty realized he was gay. He has since found a call from God in his ministry of reconciliation between those in the LGBT community and those in the church currently wrestling with issues of sexual identity.

Sexuality, Beer and Ministry (Homebrewed CultureCast)

Whose problem is it when men are distracted by an attractive woman behind the pulpit at church, and what, if anything, can be done about it?

Peter Rollins on God, Gin and Zombies

A lively chat about the Death Drive, why billionaires aren’t actually selfish and how we’ve made an idol out of the beliefs we often claim as central to our Christian faith.

Immigration Reform with Jim Wallis: The Interview

“The checks have replaced all the balances in our public life. Until we get the money out of politics, we’ll never get values back into politics. There’s a long-term need here now for a social movement focusing on the influence of money in politics.” -Jim Wallis