Tens of Thousands Affected by Displacement in Silicon Valley

Tens of thousands of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and working people are being forced out of their Silicon Valley homes.

Why the Fascist Attacks On Our Youth

The graphic video from South Carolina of a 16-year-old young woman tossed and beat up by a school police officer exemplifies the brutality and criminalization the youth face today.

Tasers Equal Torture

“Tasers are the cattle prods of capitalism, they are going to be used to prod us along and get rid of us.”

Attacks On the Homeless Threaten All of Us

The defense of homeless rights is not only the defense of our whole class against the brutal rule of the billionaire capitalist class and its fascist agenda, it is a fight for a new society.

#70: California Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Woman Sleeping on the Street

Elvis Summers saw a woman sleeping on the street and knew he had to do something.

#59: Students Build Mobile Laundry Van for Homeless People

When you don’t have a roof over your head, washing clothes can become a luxury — “a privilege so many of us take for granted.” But these two men are changing that.

Learning to Love the Crust Punks and Society’s “Other”

Rather than being a quiet anti-consumer/industrial protest in solidarity with the earth, it’s actually just about people.

Frankly, I Do Give a Damn

An encounter in the grocery parking lot changes Greg White’s resolutions for this and every year.

My Brother Lives on the Streets

At the holidays, Donald D’Haene feels particularly moved to help homeless people.

The Uniform of Gender

Gender is like a uniform you can’t take off.

Absent: A Film about Fatherlessness [Video]

Some people will fight their whole lives for the acceptance they never got from their fathers.

Living in Gratitude

Compassion doesn’t have a zip code.