A Nation of Immigrants

Immigrant and native-born workers share a common destiny of starvation if the potentially liberating new technologies are left in the hands of the corporate ruling class.

Homelessness Can End in a New Society

The problem is that the means of life —the production of food, housing, healthcare, etc.,—are privately owned by a handful of billionaires rather than by society as a whole.

Homelessness Demands a New Society

The crisis of homelessness could be solved overnight. The only thing standing in the way is the private property relations of capitalism.

Save the Earth from Corporations

Our needs as human beings and the very environment we depend on for life itself are sacrificed on the altar of corporate profits.

A Humbling Journey: Supporting Men Who Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Steve LePore, founder of 1in6, reflects on how his organization has impacted men and their wellbeing.

How the Homeless Population is Changing: It’s Older and Sicker

The common perception of homelessness doesn’t describe the experience of older adults, particularly those who first experienced homelessness late in life.

How I Handled Failure and My Family Being Homeless (Twice!)

While I’m not happy about failing my family twice and leaving us homeless, I know I’m a better man from it.

It Took Me Losing the Powerball to Realize That I’m Already Rich

A story for our times.

Defensive Architecture: Designing The Homeless Out Of Our Cities

We need a more systematic and humane approach to homelessness.

Outer Space

Matthew Lippman uses an innovative trope to reflect on poverty, homelessness, and a middle class man’s fraught relationship with these categories.

Santa Claus And One Man’s Personal Resurrection

Christopher MacNeil tells the story of his personal fall and ultimate rise and reconciliation.

Thanksgiving with the Homeless Men of Starbucks

In this poem, Marc Frazier reminds us how the holidays often invite complicated thoughts about family.

We Have A Moral Obligation To Help Syrian Refugees

…it was a U.S. invasion of their homeland that victimized the Syrian people in the first place by strengthening the terrorist cell they now flee.

When a Man is Down to His Last Dollar

He loved to party when he was younger. As he grew older and had a family, getting down to his last dollar almost broke him.

Three Habits That Saved My Life While I Was Homeless

Homeless was the last place this man expected to learn the habits that changed his life.

25 Jobs and Homelessness to Find His Happy Life

Homeless and living in his car was his breaking point. It took 25 jobs, but he finally found what he was desperately searching for.