Slipping Through the Cracks in the European Union

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What do you think of the European Union? Does it make you think of abject poverty and desperate living?

An Underaged Teen Asked a Homeless Man to Buy Him Beer. And Learned the Lesson of a Lifetime.

broken bottles

“Broken Bottles” performed by Ben Grenrock.

People On The Move: What To Do About All The Homeless People?

Kosovo Refugees

A travel experience caused Dr. Jed Diamond to reflect on the staggering amount of refugees and displaced persons in our world today.

What Can You Tell Me About This Sharp-Dressed Man? [Video]

man in video

What’s the real story behind the men we pass on the street?

Drive Less, Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, Huffington Post UK, Driving, Driving and Narcissism, Entitled Drivers, Drivers are Assholes, Ethics and Values, Drive Less and Save Your Soul

Jackson Bliss explains why driving, social disconnection and cultural narcissism are all interconnected

What’s Going on With U.S. Veterans 2014? (Infographic)


Discover some of the issues facing today’s veterans in this easily shareable infographic.

A Compassionate Approach to Homelessness

homeless photo by jim fischer

It’s possible to provide a handout that is also a hand up writes Chris Hicke. And Utah is showing how.

Is Your State Winning the Fight Against Homelessness?

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Roughly half the states in the US saw their homeless populations increase over the past five years, even as the national number has declined.

Are Youth Offenders Victims As Well?


We must move beyond seeing youth offenders as merely criminals. They are victims in need of love as well.

“That’s why the recent budget deal that cut military benefits by $6B is a problem, don’t ya think?”

Homeless Veterans

This comment by Tom Brechlin on the post From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless photo by Marlith

After serving his country, Col. Robert Freniere finds himself homeless. Unfortunately, his story is far from unique.

Phoenix Becomes First City to End Chronic Homelessness Among Veterans

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The Obama administration has set a goal of ending homelessness among veterans by 2015, but one city reached that mark a year early.

“When somebody believes in you…you begin to believe in yourself”


This Comment by Iben on the post Running Down Homelessnes Merry Christmas to you! This story made me cry. “I believed in them with my whole being. When somebody believes in you, even just one person, you begin to believe in yourself. These guys just needed someone to believe in them.” ____ See more posts […]

Running Down Homelessness


Anne Mahlum asked a group of homeless men in Philadelphia if they’d like to join in on her morning jogs. Here’s the story behind the insight that is changing the face of poverty in America. An American Express #PassionProject story.

Homeless for the Holidays

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Conrad Liveris used to believe homelessness was a choice. He now sees it as something that impacts us all.

Pennsylvania School Tries to Kick Out Two Students Because Their Family isn’t ‘Homeless Enough’

Engineering Interns from the districk go back to high school

Federal law protects homeless children from being kicked out of school.