Meet the Boys Who Dance on the NYC Subway for a Living

This short follows four young performers from the projects trying to escape poverty.

Interview with ‘I Am Thalente’ Filmmaker Natalie Johns

Alex Yarde’s interview with the director of the inspiring documentary “i am Thalente”—Natalie Johns. — I wrote about this remarkable film “i am Thalente“—read it and view the trailer here. I recently had the opportunity to speak in depth with Director Natalie Johns and star Thalente Biyela. i am Thalente is the story about Thalente Biyela (pronounced […]

Sweeps in San Francisco Aim to Force the Homeless Out

Where are people with no place to go … supposed to go?

Seed & Spark Presents Must-See Skate Doc ‘I AM THALENTE’

Exuberant skate doc with a social message, I AM THALENTE, is currently playing event screenings throughout the U.S. releases digitally on May 13th, 2016.

The Paradox of Homelessness

One man, one dog, and two police officers meet on the sidewalk…

Homeless In Fight For Their Survival

Those who do find housing will pay almost half of their income on rent in many areas across the country.

Baltimore: Police Violence Increases as Jobs Decrease

As long as private individuals can horde billions through exploitation and inheritance, they will direct the police to do whatever it takes to protect their wealth.

African American History Month, 2016

Revolutionaries must fight every instance of racism with the understanding that this fight is part of the effort to unite.

A Nation of Immigrants

Immigrant and native-born workers share a common destiny of starvation if the potentially liberating new technologies are left in the hands of the corporate ruling class.

Police with Guns in High Schools

The presence of an armed officer changes the values taught and the atmosphere at school. At such a young age, students are learning to fear the police.

Tens of Thousands Affected by Displacement in Silicon Valley

Tens of thousands of low-income seniors, people with disabilities, and working people are being forced out of their Silicon Valley homes.

Why the Fascist Attacks On Our Youth

The graphic video from South Carolina of a 16-year-old young woman tossed and beat up by a school police officer exemplifies the brutality and criminalization the youth face today.

Tasers Equal Torture

“Tasers are the cattle prods of capitalism, they are going to be used to prod us along and get rid of us.”

Attacks On the Homeless Threaten All of Us

The defense of homeless rights is not only the defense of our whole class against the brutal rule of the billionaire capitalist class and its fascist agenda, it is a fight for a new society.

Homelessness Can End in a New Society

The problem is that the means of life —the production of food, housing, healthcare, etc.,—are privately owned by a handful of billionaires rather than by society as a whole.

Homelessness Demands a New Society

The crisis of homelessness could be solved overnight. The only thing standing in the way is the private property relations of capitalism.