America’s Rising Class of the Vehicular Homeless

John - photo11

Call them homeless or “home free,” more folks, mostly men, are making the choice to live out of their cars.

#86: Homeless Former Marine Receives Scholarship after Playing Street Piano


A viral video of a homeless veteran smashes stereotypes and results in a well-deserved chance for a new life.

Community Healing Starts With One Out of Work Friend


Sun Cedar is staffed by the formerly incarcerated and the homeless.

Photo of the Day: A Stark Mix of Race and Class


Sometimes a picture just says it all.

#59: Students Build Mobile Laundry Van for Homeless People


When you don’t have a roof over your head, washing clothes can become a luxury — “a privilege so many of us take for granted.” But these two men are changing that.

The Homeless Read Mean Tweets (About the Homeless)

homeless read mean tweets

Anyone who is human should be able to empathize.

Do You Let the Difference Define You?


A haircut and shave changes our perception of a man

Wrestling Saved His Life


David Guba shares the inspirational story of high schooler Nate Marmol, who used wrestling to rise from homelessness and to reshape his life.

How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

How does a homeless by Josh Paler Lin

What happens when a homeless man receives a bonanza of $100? Josh Paler Lin followed Thomas to find out.

Equality Before the Law—2014

Equality Before the Law by Garry Knight

Matthew Rozsa explains the difference between the perception of equality and the reality of discrimination.

Being Drug Free Shouldn’t be a Requirement to Receive Housing

drug free housing?

The search for social solutions to social problems

The Untold Stories of New York’s Homeless

The Untold Stories of NYs Homeless

Jonathan Hedvat’s video interviews for share the stories and words of New York City’s homeless community.

Homeless Man Combines Literacy and Generosity for Good

Books and business

Reading expands your mind, reduces ignorance based prejudices and evolves our thinking. Homeless South African man, Philani, is doing something about expanding literacy.

Mental Illness Beggars Society

man on stairs

The USA’s mentally ill are spiralling into the dark side

Masculinity, Punk, and Survivalism


James Burnette and Ben Lawson discuss the punk philosophy and ethics and their relevance to survivalism.