Awkwardly Flipping the Script on Bumbling Dads

N.C. Harrison examines a sitcom in which the father figure isn’t portrayed as a bumbling doofus.

…But to me he’s still my dad.

Sherry Franklin shares the power of words and how they shaped her views of her father and her “right guy”.

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes

Does the stereotypical man exist?

So What if Barack Obama is Gay?*

Oliver Lee Bateman discusses tabloid “outings” and the need for reassuring either/or categories.

The Question Is…. Boxers or Briefs?

It’s not a major life-changing decision, but it is one many of us have to make.

Why Do So Many Men Opt Out of Fatherhood?

Aaron Anderson sees a lot of confusing stereotypes when he looks at the modern father. And he would like to see those changed.

How Do Men See Themselves?

Dove asks women a question that men should be asking, too.

What Does It Mean to Be a Man? U of Calgary Students Respond

How do students feel about manhood and masculinity today?

D’oh! Top 5 Things My Father Got Wrong

Jamie Reidy, in honor of Father’s Day, lists the top 5 pieces of bad advice his father gave him.

“Dumb Guys Test Well”

A comment by Tom Miller on the post “The Depressing Depiction of Men in the Media”

From ‘Father Knows Best’ to Father Knows Nothing

Andrew Smiler pines for the return of competent father figures in popular culture.

Remote Control with Built-In Bottle Opener: Insulting or Indispensable?

We’re curious to see how men respond to this. In the MyClicker universe, are guys just indolent, beer-guzzling Homer Simpsons?

Scientists Discover the "Homer Simpson gene"

At Emory University, scientists discovered a gene in mice that, when removed, actually makes the animals smarter. They’re calling it the “Homer Simpson gene.” Deleting a certain gene in mice can make them smarter by unlocking a mysterious region of the brain considered to be relatively inflexible, scientists at Emory University School of Medicine have […]

Ten Ignominious Moments In Dad History

From Michael Jackson to Homer Simpson, we pay homage to dads who leave a little something to be desired.