Homer’s Fatherless Society: An Ancient Warning for a Modern Problem

Johnathan Delavan takes an old story and issues a call to the fatherless wherever they may be.

Finding Fatherhood in the Myths of Old

DiaryDad loves myths and stories and how they help us develop strength of character. — I have always loved a good story.  As a boy I loved to hear them, as I grew older I became fascinated by the many ways we tell them; now as a father, I love telling them.  Mythological stories are particular favorites […]

The 7-Day Relationship Detox Diet

Relationships suffering from cumulative damage can reach a tipping point that spells disaster. This 7-day prescription stops the poisoning and helps restore your relationship’s health.

A Call to Feminist Dudes

Edwin Lyngar puts out a call to arms to all feminist men, whether or not they look the part.


This weekend, we have an excerpt from Robert Kloss’s striking new novel, THE ALLIGATORS OF ABRAHAM, a Civil War epic unlike any other.

The Four Types of Men: Part IV – The Bard

Have you ever had your mind changed by a book, been brought to tears by a movie, heard a song that could sum up the end of your relationship, or sat and stared at a painting? At some point, there was a Bard who channeled some divine genius and make you feel that way.