Santa Claus Shot and Killed in Home Invasion

Let’s be honest. Santa risks his life every year by delivering presents to the war zone that is the homes of gun owning Americans.

Yes, Men’s Studies. You Got a Problem with That?

Dr. Andrew Smiler argues that Men’s Studies is necessary and the logical complement to Women’s and LGBTQ Studies.  A few weeks ago, the New York Times pondered “A Master’s Degree in…Masculinity?” The headline itself suggests the NYT is not convinced this is a good idea. Placing the article, written by Jessica Bennett, in the Fashion […]

Why Are Most Violent People Male?

Andrew Smiler considers several reasons why violent people are more likely to be male than female.

Is a Man Who Kills Still a Good Man?

Is it possible that the brutal attributes we deplore in men define them as “good” in a way that being kind and compassionate cannot?

Thirteen, Black & Afraid to End Up Like Ferguson

13yr old Xavier Speaks to How He Feels About Violence Against Black Males

Stop Making Murderers Famous

Justin Kanew calls for a new plan of action when it comes to homicidal killers: not giving them fame.

Are You The New Serial Killer Target?

And even if so, does it actually matter? Thinking about risk and death.

Stargazing with Kristen

Carmelo Vallone reflects on losing his first love to homicide and why he can’t talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Florida to Hold Hearings On ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law This Fall

Will Weatherford, the Republican speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives, revealed on Friday that the state’s legislature will hold hearings on its infamous “Stand Your Ground” laws sometime this fall.

Emergency Anti-Violence Summit Convened in Chicago by Congressional Black Caucus

An emergency summit was called in Chicago at Chicago State University by the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, resulting in hundreds gathering to discuss ways to slow and work to halt urban violence.

Chicago Police: Number of Shootings and Homicides Down From Last Year

According to official reports, Chicago police have seized more than 3,500 illegal guns during the first 6 months of this year.

David R. Dow: Lessons From Death Row Inmates (TEDTalk VIDEO)

David R. Dow is an attorney in Texas who has defended over 100 death row inmates over the last 20 years.

Free Guns for Everyone: Printable Plastic Firearms

Less than a week remains before Cody Wilson releases the files that will allow people to literally print their own guns at home.

NEW STUDY: Homicide the Leading Cause of Death Among Young African-American Men

Dr. Charles H. Hennekens describes the death of so many young black men by murder as “a devastating epidemic”.

The Disposability of Black Men

Black men are brutally murdered and systematically incarcerated. Is this genocide?

Why Are So Many Black Males Being Murdered in Chicago?

An increase in gang violence has once again garnered Chicago the title “Murder Capitol of the World.”