Bravery in the Ivy League


Kyle Ashlee discusses the reality of discrimination at Dartmouth College and the importance of student activism in creating change at a school that is often thought to be perfect.

Men! Stop Trying to Control Other Men! (Like the Met’s Daniel Murphy)


“Every time you do this, you become less free. A rat in a cage. A dog on a chain. A prisoner.”

Coach Says He Won’t Recruit Players Who Take Selfies

Scott Cross, University of Texas-Arlington, Twitter, Selfies

Coach Scott Cross of the University of Texas-Arlington’s men’s basketball team tweeted last night that he is not interested in recruiting players to his program who take selfies.

When Homophobia Tries Hugs Over Hate

gay hug2

In this response video people stop being afraid long enough to be something more. Embraced.

Scotland Wants to Offer Asylum to Gay Ugandans


Scotland’s Minister For External Affairs has announced that the European country is willing to offer asylum to Ugandans persecuted under Uganda’s latest harsh anti-gay laws.

Director Lee Daniels Wants You to Know: He’s NOT Tyler Perry


Lee Daniels overcame a lot to become the critically-acclaimed director he is today, including bullying and homophobia.

Sorry Slate, Straight Men Aren’t Right to be Homophobic

Two men. The problem is....?

Mitch Helix answers an article from Slate, explaining why its conclusions are wrong.

The Disgusting Revelations of The NFL’s Bullying Investigation


Michael Kasdan delves into the detailed factual accounts of the Investigative Report of the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin bullying incidents, and asks whether and why we must accept and condone crass boorish behavior from professional athletes.

The Disposability of Boys


The UN’s recent reports on the treatment of children in Syria and in the Roman Catholic Church revealed some of the despicable acts committed against boys that are part of a disturbing and hidden global trend.

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Stop Being So Attached! Why You Need to Be Aware of Your Problematic Language


If a single word is enough to disregard an entire population’s feelings and humanity, you can imagine why people would want it erased from our vocabulary.

Why Michael Sam Playing in the NFL Is a Very Big Deal

Why Michael Sam Playing in the NFL Is a Very Big Deal

Doyin Richards calls out the flawed arguments people are using against the first-ever openly gay man to have a chance to play in the NFL

Michael Sam Is Gay and Draftable: 4 Reasons GMs Should Move Him UP Their Boards

michael sam crop

Will Michael Sam go undrafted because he’s the first Div I college football player to come out as gay? Shawn Peters gives 4 reasons why that’d be a huge mistake.

Human Rights Watch: Gay Men Beaten on Camera in Russia


More than once I’ve overheard someone say with annoyance, “Gay people are so loud about their rights.” This is why we all need to be. True equality never came quietly.

Look to LGBQ and Older Couples for Good Relationship Advice


In a society where much research has been conducted into the stresses on relationships and marriage breakdowns, these new findings reveal some positive and affirming things about couples.

Let’s Talk About What Really Goes on in the Locker Room

Former NFL Player Esera Tuaolo

One group is shining a light on the culture of “casual homophobia” in pro sports with a simple message: “This needs to stop. Now.”

On Lance Bass and Coming out in a Small Town

Lance Bass

Lance Bass came out of the closet and you won’t believe what I thought about his mother!