The SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Case Plaintiffs Sound Off on the Mormon Church and Call for a Boycott

The Mormon Church changed its handbook to treat same sex marriages, and the children of those families, in the vilest of ways. Now some who fought for marriage equality are speaking out against religious bashing as well.

A Gay Dad Tells Off the Mormon Church: Leave Our LGBT Kids Alone!

A religion trying to demoralize LGBT adults? There is nothing new there. The Mormon Church is doing something new, they are going after the kids in LGBT families. This gay dad has something to say about THAT.

How a Straight Guy Finally Understood What It Feels Like to be Attacked for Being LGBT

David Stevens always loved his gay brother. An incident of his own rejection gave him a deep feel for the depth of LGBT discrimination. His advocacy led him to be named one of the top Allies of 2013 by the Huffington Post. Here is the video that moved hundreds of thousands.

A Gay Dad is Ready for the Fight, But is He Prepared for — Acceptance?

It was Sean O’Donnell’s first Fathers Day, and it was going to be in public. He was ready to fight for his right to be himself in this society. But what if he met no resistance?

Hugging Your Way To Happiness And Relationship Success

Dr. Steve shows us that hugging not only feels good, it can improve your overall health and relationship happiness.

How the Man Box Can Kill Our Sons Now or Decades from Now

Bullying and murder are bad enough, but the meta risk factors of the Man Box can kill our sons decades in the future.

Twenty Years Later, This Bully Apologized

He didn’t know the men he’d been mean to, but that didn’t matter. He tried to make it right.

A Dad Sounds Off on Fathers Who Teach Their Sons “To Be a Man”

“BE A MAN!” The final audible words his father spoke as he dragged his son off of the field for a private talk. Observing this, Mathew Lajoie found a concept he no longer wanted to live with. He explains.

Celebrating Gay Manhood

Raymond Rigoglioso believes that gay men have a special relationship with manhood and masculinity, and that all men could benefit from paying attention to this.

A New Report Defines the Orchestrated Homophobic Attack on Gay Dads, Women and Other LGBT Families

The Southern Poverty Law Center has just released a report on the “World Congress of Families” a collective of organized homophobia. Here are the five fallacies they are seeking to inject into the American conversation, and why you need to refute them.

Alarming Research and The Relatively Young History of Homophobia

Christopher MacNeil on that rather new life of homophobia plaguing our society.

What Coming Out Taught Me About Myself

Josh Friedburg is proud of his coming out, but also realized he needed to make some changes in his own mind.

What if Gay Dads Reacted to Their Kid Coming Out As Some Straight Parents Do

Check out this short film, “Coming In” and find out!

Shutting Down Homophobic Language in a Southern Classroom

During her second week in a Mississippi classroom, Alexa Espinal had to decide how to handle anti-gay language in a Deep South middle school.

Dad’s Hot Topic: Kim Davis And The Lessons She Taught Me To Teach My Daughters

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable lessons on trending issues.

I Want to Change the World by Changing My Mind

Quentin Lucas tells a short story to show how poor thinking can happen to any of us.