World Vision & The Church I Used To Know


Rev. Dr. John D’Elia points out that the poor and needy are mentioned 400+ times in the Bible, while homosexuality gets a paltry two mentions.

Meet the Teen Diving Champ With Two Dads

teen diving champ 2

“When people ask me what it is like to be straight and to have gay parents, I tell them ‘It’s great!’”

Does Arizona Hate Everyone?

Arizona Flag

Arizona’s proposed “religious freedom” bill, S.B. 1062, could soon be passed into law and it might have some negative effects that neither side has considered.

Frozen Turned My Son Gay

Frozen Turned My Son Gay

A Mormon blogger is claiming that Disney’s new blockbuster is turning children gay, inspiring Aaron Gouveia to cast a critical eye towards his “Frozen”-loving son

Kansas Legislature Attempts to Legalize Discrimination By Declaring War on Marriage


Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on the limits of tolerance in the context of the Kansas bill that would legalize discrimination against same-sex couples.

Olympic Games Have Always Been a Little Gay. Let’s Keep Them That Way.

Games gay

Canadian Institute for Diversity and Inclusion’s response to Russia anti-LGBT propaganda laws.

Farrow’s Tweet: A Discussion of Art and the Morality of the Artist

Ronan Farrow

The history of art is full of reprehensible behavior. Should that matter?

“…orientation is inextricably tied to someone’s sense of self…”


Tweet This comment by OirishM on the post Why I Cant Say “Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner” Anymore A deeper and more interesting exposition of that phrase than I was expecting. Not meant as a criticism of you, by the way – my initial reaction was simply that it is predicated on the incorrect […]

Why I Can’t Say “Hate The Sin, Love The Sinner” Anymore

stained glass cropped

Because of Jesus, “sinner” is not how God sees me. It’s not how I see myself. And it shouldn’t be how I see my brothers and sisters in the church.

Confusion between “Diverse Opinions” and “Oppressive Characterizations”

TV Duck Dynasty

Professor Warren Blumenfeld on Duck Dynasty, religion and the maintenance of heterosexual male hegemony, privilege, and power.

Homophobic States Don’t Have Fewer Gay Men. Just More of them in the Closet.

gay together photo by puroticorico

Fewer men identify as gay in states which are blatantly intolerant of homosexuality. Dr. Aqualus Gordan explores.

A Girl Who Likes Boys Who Like Boys: The Joy of Dating Gay Men


Perhaps the only problem with dating gay men is that they’re gay.

Video: “3 AM” – Slam Poetry About Modern Manhood

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 2.28.29 PM

Carlos Andrés Gómez and Adam Falkner’s poem about the swirling messages about violence and sexuality in modern manhood.

Semper Fi-Bulous: Gay in the Marines Before DADT


Former Marine Marc Winslow describes his experience being gay in the Marines before the repeal of DADT.

‘Living Dolls’ a Unique Look at Doll Obsession

Living Dolls David Hockey with Bianca at sunset

From Drag Queen Ken to doll robot porn, Living Dolls covers the world of doll collecting.

Dominant Group Privilege: Contextual, Conditional, Intersectional


To fully understand privilege we must break through its hard outer shell.