Why are We Still Scared of Seeing Two Men Kissing?

Perhaps one day, a Disney prince will kiss his prince and they’ll live happily ever after.

Being a Young Muslim Man in the Early 21st Century

A PhD student discusses what it’s like being a young Muslim man in today’s world. — “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better” Abraham Lincoln Like everyone else I was horrified by the recent shootings in Orlando which killed 49 people… perhaps more so because I am a Muslim. Islam teaches […]

When You Come From a Culture That Does Not See Men Holding Hands as Gay, but You, In Fact Are

This is about men holding hands. In India, where I grew up, men showing affection this way was common and not construed as homosexual activity. I look back on how I interpreted this social action differently and how it has shaped me today as a gay man.

LGBT People Under Tyrants of Radical Jihad

The time has long since passed that we speak out against repression in all of its forms.

Comment of the Day: ‘For three years I was subject to extreme homophobic abuse’

Beaten up as a kid for being a ‘fag’ has left me wounded inside.

Is Your Body Beach-Worthy? (Call for Submissions)

How do you feel and think about your body?

‘Pride’ is More Than a Month

How we can make this world better for LGBTQ people?

No Batman and Robin Weren’t Lovers, Stop Insulting Male Caregivers That Way!

Why is it when Daddy Warbucks takes in an orphan it’s cute, but when Batman does it he’s a pedophile?

Because Marriage Has Been Defined, Doesn’t Mean it Can’t be Redefined

It wouldn’t be the first time our definition of marriage changed.

My “Typical” Ex-Gay Experience

One man’s story of surviving a type of therapy that derailed his life for thirteen years.

6 Ways The Church’s Treatment of LGBTQ People is Actually Damaging the Church

Bottom line: the church should not be in the business of excluding people.

‘Don’t Struggle With Something You Can’t Control.’

Gay son receives sage advice from Mom.

What Happens When Two Straight Guys Make Love

“Dude, I think someone drugged our drinks.” Check out this short film by Branden Blinn.

Homo for the Holidays

Joe Kort, Ph.D. offers 9 helpful ways LGBTQ individuals and couples can lessen holiday stress with meaningful impact.

I Am Afraid No One Will Ever Love Me

Dr. Joe Kort answers painful questions from an 18-year-old man seeking the courage to come out and find love.

7 Areas of Coupled Life You Must Discuss

Andrew P. Smiler, PhD, says you can have a satisfying long term relationship by discussing these 7 areas of coupled life with your partner. Staying with someone for the long term – married, cohabiting, or some other status – is complicated. Anyone can tell you that. Disagreements are inevitable. The key to happiness is talking […]